So Ottawa is back, where do we go?

Id like them to stay in the east with Winnipeg out of the picture the East become even more lack lusture its already consistently the division with lower win totals add the expansion it will be even worse i just think winnipeg would add competition to the division

West doesnt need the added comp. or the help with attendance

As an Als fan it would be cool for Winnipeg to stay but I hope the decisioon is "Winnipeg made" not some Saskatchewan or elsewhere veto...

It would make sense for the Bombers to go west, for geographic reasons if nothing else. We are Westerners & always will be. We belong in the West Division.

As for rivalries, battling Hamilton to determine who the worst team is in the CFL doesn't exactly get the blood boiling. Rivalries are also created by players. This year, the QB carousel mixed everything up and half the players in the CFL have played for at least one other team; it's hard to for rivalries to form when that happens.

Yes, we'll always have Saskatchewan, but it's been a rarity in the last 20 years that both teams were good; they seem to take turns as bottom feeders of the CFL along with Hamilton and Ottawa (welcome back, fellow bottom feeder;)

With 9 teams I've wondered if it was possible to do 3 divisions with 3 teams apiece with the top 6 teams seeded for the playoffs or using some formula for moving a central division team into the east or west playoff bracket based on record . Geographically you could put the Lions, Stamps, and Eskies in one division. But then it becomes illogical making up the other 2 divisions - Bombers and Riders would be a fit in a central division, but then who else? Do you break up the 3 teams in Ontario? If you keep Ottawa, Toronto, and Hamilton together then putting Montreal into the "central" division doesn't make sense. More I think about it the more it makes sense to first identify a potential market for a 10th team and set a goal of getting ownership and a facility there in 5-10 years, then either keep the bombers in the east or move them west based on where that market is. For instance if there is a chance of Quebec City or Maritimes getting a team then move the bombers back into the west, if another team in BC seems like the best option then keep the bombers in the east. It doesn't do us any good to keep moving east then west then east.

3 team divisions is to gimmicky and whats the point ? It would get boring in a hurry. Don't fix whats not broken, the CFL has survived this long with 2 divisions.Winnipeg going back to the west , will renew our traditional rivals and sell a lot more tickets in the future. NO CHANCE of another west team. BC has a very fickle fan base, if they start losing, the fans stop going and you get Argo type crowds.

You're right, putting Montreal into a central division would be as weird as, say, putting the Dallas Cowboys in an east division.

But 3 divisions would spoil the east-west Grey Cup.

For years it was always 5 teams in the west and 4 in the east. Maybe it's time to try 4 in the west and 5 in the east, at least until another team is added, and it looks as if the new team would be somewhere east of Montreal. Since some of the eastern teams' survival still looks sketchy, it might be a good idea to keep Winnipeg in the east. Remember the last yo-yo effect. It diminished the image of the league.

That's very logical and open minded opinion :thup:

I agree, that, the bombers should stay in the east until a 'geographical' 5th eastern team is added.

5 teams will make for a more competitive east division. The west division is already competitive with 4 teams.
Some people keep saying ottawa will fail, and while i doubt it will this time, if it does, the bombers will be moving east AGAIN. Might as well just keep them in the east for the time being.

I also think the CFL would garner more respect in the east with playoff races where only 3 of 5 make the post season, rather than 3 of 4. Its one less negative aspect for people to complain about.

For my part I'd rather return to the west.We had some great rivalries in years past + it reconnects us with where we actually live.I never considered the future expansion aspect but it's an excellent point.