So Ottawa is back, where do we go?

......The Ottawa Returners are scheduled to be back in 2014, do we go or stay???? Returning to the west would mean a tougher divison to play in....Which situation would be more feasible financially/or otherwise for us?? or would it make little or no dif...Also questions about who do we protect on our roster, when the entry draft for the new/old franchise takes place...Important questions to ask...Interesting happenings...I'm glad to see the Ottawa team returning...They have a lot of work to do and coming up with the right people should make this a successful operation....Congrats. and good luck to them.. :thup:

...I should have worded the topic to say ..Do we go or stay....there's obviously only one place to GO if we do :lol: ...In any event ..any thoughts???

I hope we stay in the East. We have developed some great rivalries here. Don’t really want to move back to the West just for the sake of tradition.

Like you I hope the Bombers stay out East. But I have a feeling Bomber management will want the extra games against Saskatchewan and want back in the West. Whatever happens no 800 000.00 Cheque from the league I hope.

I think we have to go West, not only for tradition (our tradition is to move!) but because any future expansion is likely to be in the East: London, Quebec, or Moncton/Halifax.

A big factor to weight is where are the best chances for success. Traditionally the East has been weaker... I don't see any expansion East for a long time it could be 10 to 25 years before there is another market interested/ready for a CFL team. I would not let that bother me Ploen.

....I know we'll be seeking compensation if we're asked to vacate the eastern conference AGAIN...It's only fair that the 'vagabonds' of the CFL get a 'consideration'.... :lol: ( I put that in there for you hfxtc, cuz I know you'll light your hair on fire... :lol: )My feelings are kind of divided...I think our chances are better, if we remain in the east...then again there's the tradition of years and years of being a western entity...Tough one to call...I think the Bomber management should do a poll of the Bomber faithful to get their feelings on the matter BUT then again they'll probably just stick with whatever decision they come-up with..usually the way it goes...Guess we'll have to wait on that one...It'll sure be interesting to see a list of the players we want to protect and who we are willing to part with...That might hurt... :roll:

Every team will lose talent sot its flat across the board. I think Winnipeg is in a nice position if one of their two young QB's are picked as it will allow Winnipeg to protect an extra two young non imports.

None of our East div rivals have come close to the rivalries vs Edmonton and BC in the early 80 to mid 80s. Tack on the SK rivalary now, it;s a no brainer. Back in the west.

The Sask rivalry has always been there and always will be. The early 80s were 30 years ago. Stay in the East.

Wiinipeg is in the western region of Calgary and its bigest Rival Saskathewan is also in the west so while 9 teams will eliminate any need to play anyone 4 times there will still need to play some teams 3 times and with Winnipeg back in the west Prairies Rival Sask will be that team that the bombers will definetely have on the schedule 3 times giving fans another chance to see the two match up at another time during the season instead of just the home and Home labor day series it has been a long time coming.
Also although there are many many skeptics I beleive the Cohon has got something up his sleeve and you will see a team in Halifax sooner than later in which will create a unique CFL rivalry as the cross country labor Day rivalry between BC and Halifax will be exciting as teams will play on week in the Atlantic region and make the longest CFL cross country trip each season to play on the other side of the country.

Wiinipeg is in the western region of Calgary

What ? LOL !

Another fact is , East teams can't draw more than 25000 on a good day. The atmosphere around the games in the West are better as well. I would rather see us play in front of 30 000 or 40 000 than 22 000 anounced! Even when the west teams come in now, there is a little bit of a extra 'feel" to the game. Beating Edmonton still has a extra special feel to it.

You've obviously never been to a game in Montreal or Hamilton. I can guarantee you the atmosphere is a lot better than BC,Calgary and I probably Edmonton.

Not nearly as special as beating Montreal.

That is the most logical reason why.....Make room for that Atlantic Franchise.

Winnipeg was only moved to the east to even out the divisons. They are in the West and now that the East will be gettng back a 4th team returning to the west only makes sense. The teams are much closer to winnipeg in the west than teams in the east

I could care less where we play, I hate all the other teams. But I agree that WPG is a Western team at heart, and I also remember those old rivalries well.
Anyone wanted to take the easier way out - boo to you! I'd rather smash everyone the harder route.

Distance-wise 3 of 4 teams are closer but in terms of travel time there isn't much difference in terms of flight times. Most of the flights east are between 2 and 2-1/2 hours long while Calgary and Edmonton are about 2 hours but Vancouver is 3+ hours plus the team would have to charter for games in Regina since West Jet doesn't have direct flights between Winnipeg and Regina.

It will be an interesting decision for the club and the fans. Let's hope that the decision is made in Winnipeg by Winnipeg and not in Saskatchewan or Toronto... :thup: