So odds are that it'll be Cgy or Sask vs Mtl in Cup..

but the Argo's aren't a better team than the Riders.

I've seen too many games this year on TV where the Argos looked silly, unorganized, poorly developed.

Riders have 9 wins. they have earned every win. Argos had a number of games this year that they should have won, and did have the lead on their way to winning and then blew it.

The Riders have 9 wins, the Argos 7. Not a lot of difference there. BTW, I never said one team was better than the other, only that maybe the Argos were better on that particular day. :wink:

But they were the better team on Saturday. It doesn't matter what the teams did before or do after. It's what happens when the line up and play.

And I would hardly say the Riders "earned" their wins against Hamilton. On the cflisthebest scale, both of those games the Tiger-Cats handed them because of turnovers.

But the Riders won didn’t they? isn’t that all that matters?

I could easily have said that last year’s GC… the RIders should have won but they messed up at the end. but they lost.

Als almost didn’t get that win but they did didn’t they?

as a Coach in Football, I demand flawless productivity on the field. eliminate mistakes, play efficient football, play after play.

I know I’ll never get a game that is 100% flawless!

Fumbles are part of the game. ya sure if the Cats hadn’t fumbled, likely a good chance they would have won but it didn’t happen that way. If’s don’t matter.

the end result is what matters.

same thing is if the Riders back in Edmonton in August had corrected their positioning on that blocked punt, they never would have been blocked and it’s likely the game would never have gone the Esks way. but again it’s another IF.

never happened.

No they didn't. . . final score, Toronto 24, Saskatchewan 19. That means they lost.

read it in its entirety before you comment Madjack.

I was talking about the Hamilton games.. :roll:

sorry I thought you were responding to the immediately preceding post, in which Blogskee pointed out that Toronto won.

I thought it did, but as I said, on your scale, maybe not. So if breaks go the Riders way, it’s just a win. If the breaks go the other team’s way, the Riders just played poorly?

You coach? Like, children? If so, doesn’t demanding “flawless productivity” seem a bit much?

Why is it that the end result only matters when it’s in the Riders’ favour? You don’t want to give the Argos any credit for beating Saskatchewan, but you say that the end result is all that matters. Well, the end result was 24-19. How they got there is immaterial.

I stand corrected. You are apparently able to say another team won.

So why then is it so hard for you to just say, “On Saturday, the Argos were the better team.”

not a problem!

:thup: :cowboy:

The West Playoffs have always been upset filled, so anything usually happens ! The list of upsets is a long and painful one !


if you go back in history in the CFL

you look at all those games where bad teams won when the good team should have won..

ESPECIALLY in important games, the Riders are #1 in that category.

they've lost so many games in their history where they should have won it. more than any other team in the CFL, they've lost to the team who "needed" the win.

in other words, the riders are the leagues all time choke leaders

I am just trying to figure out how you define "bad team" and "good team". I think you mean the team that is ahead in the standings on the day that the two teams play, is that correct? Otherwise, it must be a pretty subjective test.

Football - you are correct the Riders are the CHOKE LEADER atleast in the Grey Cup according to wikipedia. The Riders have a 17% success rate. Here are the rest
SSK 17%
MON 35%
WIN 43%
HAM 44%
CAL 50%
BC 55%
EDM 59%
OTT 60%
TOR 71%

Not even. Like, do you have to add "all time" to the beginning of that? It sounds a tad strong to me. Isn't choke artists bad enough? And the Riders arent even choke artists in my eyes so there.

why does it seem that every forum topic ends with fans bashing other fans teams. let it go already

It's the Canadian Way!!!...

most of us do it in jest and most of us know that about each other. Its all good, except when its not

For instance, I talk about the sask choke artist history, yet I was a strong rider fan from 66-87. Spent a lot of post seasons totally pissed off, before I learned not to take it so seriously. They are still my second team.

It's fun. Just people busting on one another. I don't think anyone takes it too seriously. At the end of the day, it's only football.

So odds are that it'll be Cgy or Sask vs Mtl in Cup..
Ummm..... couldn't 95% of us have predicted this BEFORE the season started? :)