So odds are that it'll be Cgy or Sask vs Mtl in Cup..

Sure there are those who say that it only takes 1 game and anything is possible..

but after today's game I just cannot see B.C./Edmonton having a legitimate chance at knocking off Calgary or Saskatchewan to get into the Grey Cup again.

They have now blown 2 games where they should have definitely won. both to teams that were playing worse than they were at the time.

B.C./Edmonton would have to have a completely flawless game in the Western Semi-Final to get past their opponent and I just cannot see them managing that.

Now the East, Montreal is Montreal... they're gonna be playing in front of 50,000+ fans in their domed stadium.. and they'll be ready. neither Hamilton or Toronto will take them down.

after the two are decided I am convinced that it could go either way.

I find this topic hilarious considering Toronto upset Saskatchewan ON THE ROAD on Saturday. :lol:

means squat.

this is a regular season game.

9 times out of ten when the playoffs come around, the teams are ready to go!

this kind of debacle would not happen when each player knows what is on the line.

I'm starting to be convinced that the Riders were really never ready for that game.

Of course not, the Riders are never ready when they lose. :thup:

I never said that..

the Riders losses this year, 2 were pathetic.

and 2 were games vs a better team..

and 1 was just not showing up..

LOL, this is the same guy that made a comment about arresting "a fool" after he predicted the holy roughriders would lose to Toronto this weekend.
Or how about his guarantee of a win against Edmonton in August?

Just out of curiosity, when will you realize in the CFL anything can happen?
Even today you said Winnipeg had no chance to come back.

even the best of us are wrong sometimes..

You're probably right.

If the Ti-cats would just start playing to their potential, I like our chances. But they can't seem to do that.

Which team won both games in the home and home this past two weeks? None. The games this week are a weak measurement of each team's ability. The teams that lost last week had the advantage as they make the adjustments that prevented them from winning a week ago, and the winner simply guesses as to what their opponents will do. Home and homes are stupid, and should never happen in football.

It won’t be Sask., like I said before, “whichever team wins on Saturday, will play Calgary in the Western final.”

While I agree that it is likely that Calgary/Saskatchewan will meat Montreal in the Grey Cup, it is highly presumptuous to be making the proclamation that it will happen. Too many times we’ve seen a “lesser” opponent upset a team in the playoffs. In every sport, all it takes is getting into the tournament to have a shot. So while I think your prediction is probably correct (though, it is also easy to make seeing as these are the three best teams in the league) it is still too early to be so definitive.

Name a single team in the league that hasn't suffered a loss because the team didn't show up.

You can't.

Basically, the Riders' losses are just like other teams' losses this season. Call it a wash.

Considering the way BC imploded yesterday, this seems like a safe prediction. The odds are pretty good that two of the top three teams in the league will play in the final? Go figure. :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly my reason.

the Lions currently are incapable of pulling it off. they couldn't even keep a lead against the Bombers.

But then by the very same reasoning, the Roughriders are "incapable of pulling it off" because they couldn't even beat, at home no less, a team with little to no offence save for a running game such as Toronto.

that was, without a doubt.. all to do with the Riders not being ready to play that game.

they were sloppy, undisciplined, and just didn't play with any heart or desire.

if they had played the way they played the week before vs Toronto, the game never would have been like that.

Yeah, yeah... We hear the same thing from you each time the Riders lose.

ya so?

the Riders this year have been Jekyll and Hyde.

they have either come out and played a well prepared and well excecuted game plan and won the game.

or they have come out and totally been the opposite .

best examples were the Winnipeg game and the Toronto game.

the only games this year that the Riders did play well in yet still lost was the Montreal game and the Calgary game..

I feel like no matter what thread I go into I see the same things. I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

But as Blogs said, maybe the reason the Riders sucked is because the other team shut them down… Of course, for you to admit that, you’d have to admit that a team is better than your Riders, and I believe if you did that your head would probably explode. :smiley: