So now Who Want to Cut Jojo

I guess I'm just not as impressed with Mitchell as you are. I've noticed him to drop a few and hasnt been THAT spectacular. At least thats how I see it. I'm not going to argue with anyone about it. Its an opinion I have of him. I dont really care as long as whoever is in performs. And I'm not the one that makes those decisions.

id like to see bauman play more, but it works perfectly when piercy comes out and another non import in bauman comes in.
sometimes even then we line up in the double tight end jumbo offence with a single back.
teams like t.o can't match the big boys because with 3-4 def they usually only have 5 true def linemen in the lineup to send out there.
bauman i found has big making some great reads, and that's what i've been most impressed about him are his football smarts in just his 2nd year.