So now Who Want to Cut Jojo

The Past Two Games Jojo Walker has shown why he is True Baller
This Kid has Kills.
He has Fill in Well for Tony Miles.
For those of you who Wanted him gone
Be Glad we Kept #77 The Pride of Midland, Texas

Go Jojo The Jet is Flying ..

Very true OnKnight, I stand by him 110% then and now.

Standing at 5'9 175, speed 4.34. Vertical 42'

Take the BIG hit over the middle.
Plays with Heart.
And still standing after you guys wanted him gone.

I look up to you, and I love you very much JOJO!



Or the people who crucified Bauman after last season? The kid's TD last night was a carbon copy of the Edmonton game last year when people tore him apart. This year he comes back to the ball and makes the play. Guess we shouldn't be so quick to judge, huh?

8) Very true, but you will learn quickly that that is par for the course on this site !!!! :roll:

problem is what do you do when miles is healthy and we also must keep caulley in the lineup somehow. jo jo played great but we can only keep so many imports activated (a good problem) but i don't want to see another team scoop caulley or jojo off waivers.

Why is Caully, or JoJo left unprotected, if Lumsden and Miles come back?
Aren't they part of the original roster? I mean, don't they backup?

:? :? :?

Personally at this point, I'd sit Scott Mitchell and keep JoJo in the lineup.

Thats a good point,

But here is the answer:

You keep the players that will produce and has a history of good health.

What I seen lastnight in the game is what Ive always seen in JoJo. So maybe that will help in the long run.

And for caully only a stupid COACH or GM would let him go. After how well he produce as a backup for lumsden, its only right to keep him.

After watching the rookie camp this year, I was a little worried for Jojo. When I saw him at camp I could tell how badly he wanted his job and he has proven that this year. I'm happy for him.

Hey borehamgirl,

Dont forget about my steak if I make it up there.

I won't forget. My boyfriend is a great cook :wink:

we better just Make it a Party my Friend if you make it up
Cause not getting away with Seeing me and other who Are Happy Jojo is here

Oh yeah Onknight you are right!

Im waiting on my passport as we speak.

I will look you up, Borhamgirl and Gbonds

I was in the cut Jojo group.
But he has come quite in handy. Not irreplacable mind you but better than I thought.
I dont mind at all being shown wrong esp. after a big win.

problem is numbers.
when we brought prechae off the pr, jojo was put to the pr.
the key to me is keeping dyakowski in and leaving the 3rd import olinemen out (see ya woodard)?
keeping caulley and tre on ACTIVE roster where do go as far as taking out an import?

I was peeved last year by Jojo’s endzone fumble that cost as a TD on a return. Guys make boneheaded plays and that was a doozy! LOL He’s playing now with a lot more focus. Last night, he showed a lot of burst across the middle. Jojo is a keeper – if developed correctly, he can be an impact player with the wheels he has.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yeah, sit out a rising star. Scott Mitchell has a real future in the league. He will not sit. He better not. Jojo played well in the last two games but it doesn't have to be a choice between Mitchell and Walker. I don't know how the numbers will work out but I don't think Miles will be returning any time soon. This is definitely becoming a pattern with Miles. He's spent the last two seasons on the injured reserve and now this. I don't think you can sit the guys who have been out there producing. So, as much as I hate to say it, maybe Miles wasn't a great pick up after all.

Whenever Tony comes back I'm sure JoJo will be on the active roster.

The real question will be which 4 receivers will start... I think it will be P-Rod, Bauman at Receiver, JoJo and Miles at Slotback with Mitchell or Woodcock as the 5th Receiver.

If Lumsden, Miles, and Bradley come back from injury look for O'Neil Wilson, Eddie Cohen, and Bo Smith to be put on the practice roster.

Most of that sounds reasonable. However, I don't think Mitchell should be a fifth receiver. He catches the ball in traffic and can outfight defenders for the ball. I think he's earned his starting position. Prechae needs to do more than one great game to become a starter. Maybe he should be playing the fifth until he begins to do produce consistently. He was a non factor last night and dropped two balls that were gimmes and possible touchdowns.