So now what???

Why did we lose this one??

was it poor play calling by Berry? Or is it Durant? I would like to know why he isnt scrambling more we all know its the key to his success so??

obviously the defence is horrible no pass rush giving calgary 1st downs like its a charity!!

pardon my ignorance but what happened to Etchevary?

I saw a better effort tonight especially from effrim hill and hugh charles.

So who gets the pink slip this week?

Im sticking with the fire brendan taman train

Oline is looking old and slow. Why is Goodspeed on the right end? He is so slow, his brace ain't letting him move laterally.

DD put up good numbers. Forcing the throw foe interception not his fault. 1st amd goal on the 5 and we don't run the ball using Hugh Charles, brutual call. Charles ended up with 3 TDs for god sake.

They won't get rid of Taman during the regular season. We saw the wisdom of releasing Daley, Berry HAS to go.

Not Durants fault at all. He actually looked really good tonight. Its Berry who needs to go (GIVE THE BALL TO CHARLES!) lol.

After hearing Greg Marshall on the 5th Qtr radio show after the game, he is disgusted. He sounds broken. He took multiple shots at the Defence and said "we looked like our D wasn't even on field", regarding a couple drives.

Based on that interview, Richie Hall will be unemployed before the end of next week.

Either way, somebody's head has to roll. You can't just keep trading for receivers with no playing time. Fire somebody because this season is over . . . unless of course we get 12 straight wins. :cowboy:

The Riders need to come up with more creativity when inside the red zone. Go back to the Lapolice days when the Riders were unstoppable inside the 20 yard line. They used alot of motion which opened up recievers. Dont run a 10 yard in and try and force the ball in to a reciever who clearly isnt open or try the low percentage 30 yard lob to the back of the endzone every time.

Defensively there was no pressure up front yet again. Rushing four isnt working, and honestly I dont think Richie Hall trusts his corners enough to blitz, or to close down the 12 yard coushin they are giving the recievers on every play. On the fourth quarter Calgary touchdown all Calgary did was run either an 8 yard hook or 8 yard out to the same side of the field pretty much the whole time. Again there is nothing you can do when the defensive line isnt getting in the throwing lanes of Burris or getting pressure on him.

This season is a write off. Hopefully next year they make the right choice in head coach by either talking with Jones from Calgary or hiring Milanvich from Montreal.

I think it is time for Doug Barry to go. Durant played alright tonight against Calgary although they (Doug Barry) didn,t have him roll out enough enough or scramble enough. There were some big holes for him to run through tonight. I believe the Riders this season are a 4-14 team and need to start making changes now. As a 30 year supporter of the Riders I am having a difficult time understanding why coaching changes haven,t been made and what kind of record will it take to make those changes. Doug Barry has to go, and as much as Ritchie Hall is a likable person,he has to go as well! Its like dating an ex-girlfriend twice, its never as good the second time around!!!! Lets start making these changes now and get ready for next season, because as much as I believe in the Riders, this season is lost. On a side note Taman has to go as well, and as previous posts have said, when you put Taman with Barry, it spells a losing franchise.This is a publicly owned team and they need to start listening to the shareholders!

They move forward and prepare for Toronto. The Riders are 1-6, it's a terrible record but you have to put it in perspective, right now there are three teams with 1 win, and one of those teams is going to the playoffs. As much as the season has been a disappointment to this point, I'd still like to make the playoffs.

I don't think you fire the Offensive coordinator after they played their best offensive game of the year, and put over 500 yards up on a very good Calgary D. Durant didn't roll out much today, but he had success.

Honestly, I think the team doesn't even think they can win! DD sounds like he has a "just keep playin and hope for the best" attitude. At the end of the day, if you don't think you can win you won't! Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to go finish crying in my cereal!

Now what? Get ready to go kick Toronto's butt. That's what.

I don't think you fire the Offensive coordinator after they played their best offensive game of the year, and put over 500 yards up on a very good Calgary D. Durant didn't roll out much today, but he had success.

You are wrong sir, his play calling sucks and lost us this game! who throw's twice on first and goal from 5yrd line, a complete idiot! Rider nation wants DB gone, do it! some1 show some kahuna's! Stop blaming the player's, it's coaching, clearly! Sure defense could use some rush ends and tighten up coverage, but that's half coaching there!

And if DB CALLS RUNNING PLAYS IN 3RD QUARTER on 1st dwn and goal from 5yrd line it's 14pnt swing and we win and thats that! DB get outa here u suck!

I'm glad I saw this post heading before I posted because I was about to start a post titled "so now what" myself or why don't I call my version "so what now".

I've said before that I think this team will be 1-8 by Labour Day, and I wasn't ever trying to be negative, just realistic. Based on how they are playing right now, They don't have a hope in hell of beating Toronto's rough tough nasty defence, expecially the front four. Cleo Lemon and Toronto's offence showed me enough tonite against Hamilton's pretty good defence, and coupled with our pathetic defensive performance against Calgary, I can't see how the Riders won't get eaten alive next week in Toronto. Then take a two-week break and get our butts kicked by Winnipeg on Labour Day. So then what? Regroup for the 2nd half of the season, try and get some healthy players back from injury, maybe wave the magic wand and get Fantuz back, and maybe a Hawkins who can stay healthy for the rest of the season, or some other super-duper pass rusher like a Chick or someone we can find from NFL cuts. It's amazing what a difference a couple of key players could make. I still believe that with the right players, old or new, this team could make a run at a playoff spot in the second half of the season. That's what I'm looking forward to, because this first half of the season is just a disaster, there's no other way to put it. GO RIDERS!!

Yup...I still think they should have brought Perry into camp.

Now that's a heck of a good analogy. . . and I've been down that road more than once and I don't disagree at all.

Toronto's defensive coordinator got fired for being too passive and they still gave up 37 points to Hamilton last night. I wouldn't call their D rough or tough at the moment, particularly with Eiben and Pottinger both out. I think the Riders have a shot at beating the Argos.

Fans can rip Berry for the 1st-and-goal passes, but the fact remains that your offense still posted 35 points against a strong Calgary D. When you score 35 points in a game and you lose, your offense wasn't the problem IMO.

You're quite right, and I agree with everything you say here. With Toronto's D, I was mostly referring to their front four and how big and dominant they've been at times this year. When they are getting it done up front, that sets the tone for their whole D, something we badly need to find here with our D-line. Add a Chick and Baggs here like we had in 2007 and Ritchie Hall suddenly has the type of defensive personnel that probably won the 2007 Grey Cup for us. :thup:

After the results of this weekend we still have a legitimate shot at the final playoff spot. We have to make the necessary changes to coaching and schemes now and we have to beat TO on Thursday. We are fortunate to be in this position after such a disgusting start to the season but here it is ours for the taking if management has the gumption to make the right adjustments and changes to coaching staff - now. And I mean now -no need to wait for the bye week. Who would have thought that there would be 3 1-6 teams after week seven?

The call was perfect. If it's executed it's a TD because the call had isolation to the field in the endzone. That's a sight that QBs dream about. The CALL worked brilliantly, putting the offense in a position to succeed. The execution failed. Getz read the play to go overtop, Durant read it to curl back. One of the two made the error. The way that Getz got so open behind leads me to believe that the error was probably on Durant.

That particular call was perfect, but since a player made a bad read the OC should get canned ... hrmmm, interesting take.

good point

Really hope that happens man. I keep tuning in to see what team will show up, looking for signs of last year, or the year before. Maybe i should just stop watching, maybe i am the bad luck?

To answer the question posted.... PRAY!!! :frowning: