So now that the Riders are losing again

Does this mean that Joseph is an inconsistant QB. I mean Burris and Joseph have the same number of losses. And there those that have stated that Burris is inconsistant. So this would mean Joseph as well is inconsistant right! :lol:

Example below:

Post subject: RE: Re: Burris is now 5 wins 2 losses vs the Riders Posted: Sep 19, 2007 - 04:27 PM

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He obviously has some motivation for playing the Riders, and it has shown up in very good play during those game. Now if you guys could get him to play at that level consistently you'd be an elite team.

I think your math is wrong as well RW05, I think he's 5-3 against his old club

As well as Saskatchewan beat Calgary in the WSF while were on the topic of errors

They may have the same amount of loses but SSK has more wins!
2 Loses in a row does not = inconsistent!

Negative RW05. Joseph has played good through most of the Rider's games, he's had 1 notably bad outing against BC in Week 3. He's also got the 2nd fewest interceptions of QB's who've played in all the games with 6. He's been consistently good, not great.

LOL rw2005...both are talented, and yet human. Last time I looked neither was God. However, is it just me, but there seems to be a look of fierce determination in Burris's eyes..that was missing before. ('cept in the Western Final in BC Place..Sasks vs BC..I can just see him on the sidelines waving a white towel to get the Rider Fans going.) Also, mistakes that he would make in the past, he is overcoming. Kerry Joseph, hasn't had that experience as yet. Other teams have caught up to the Riders in terms of gelling, etc., and I think they have been caught off guard. I guess we will find out this weekend.

Well that maybe your opinion and I repsect that but I feel him being pulled in the last game and the Winnipeg game he was inconsistant in his play. The reason for those losses. IMO.

I see that more as Kent looking to shake up the team a bit, as you know in previous years the starter didn't come out unless injured under Danny.

Hey Dust I have no problem with a QB being pulled when he was not effective for most of the game. And that was the case. He should have been pulled in the bomber game as well. To me that is being inconsistant.

Good point RW05...been pulled in games against good teams, does not = consistancy as a rule. But I think the whole team played inconsistantly, not just KJ. That probably played a big part of it. Well, I guess we will see what QB shows up this it Kerry or Perry? :wink:

He didn’t play exceptional in either game, but when the other team controls the ball and the clock there’s not much he can do sitting on the sidelines waiting for the defense to let the opposition score.

Your right and thats why you really can not say Burris is inconsistant as well. It is the whole team that can effect the play. If his receivers are not catching the ball conssitantly is that Burris being inconsistant? Absolutely not. The team was not playing consistantly well. In my opinion early season that is fine with me. Peak mid to late season is the best way. I remember in the 90's the Stamps under Wally would come out like gang busters only to lose in the post season. Much like Calgary did last year. Now the trick is can the Stamps continue into the post season and can the riders pick up their game to stop the slide. This weekends game for the riders may tell the story.

I guess if The Riders went undefeated and Joseph's stats were exactly the same every game he played that would make him officially consistent. The same goes for Burris and for Maas and for Ray.

In fact the only guy that could really be called consistent this year is Kevin Glenn. The stats they were showing on TV during Winnipeg's last game showed that Kevin Glenn has played equally as good in his losses as he has in his wins.

What is consistency, really?

Exactly but many rider fans stated that Henry was inconsistant which to me is BS. None of the offenses at the start of the year were firing on all cylinders. It takes several games for the offenses to catch up with the defenses. Now the teams that were leading in the beginning the defenses were winning the games for them. By mid season your offense better be showing up or you need to start making changes.

So then we are in agreement?

I cannot speak for the haters, only for myself.

[url=] ... &year=2007[/url]

You be the judge.

12 of his TD's have come from 3 games.

Just realized has the same stats trackers as the so I'll post Joseph's in comparison.

Upon further review not too terribly different

[url=] ... &year=2007[/url]

They have eerily similar rushing stats.

Too funny, talk about the pot calling the kettle black 05, Hank and inconsistent go together like bullets and guns. Joseph is the same kind of qb as Hank, run around until someone gets open then chuck it and hope your receiver makes a play.

When the offenses fail, which defence and special teams would you rather have ? Sask looks pretty good in those departments.

Not defense the past 2 games :frowning:

Well Piggy I noticed Glenn was not offense player of the month. So if it takes inconsistancey to be good I will take it. How many games has your team lost and that would mean inconsistancey right. AC & DD last year was consistant he strung several wins together unl8ike Glenn, Joseph and Burris. By the way piglet Glenn does the same thing.

Sorry RW05, I have to disagree, Burris has been the reason for a few Calgary losses this season, including the only game i've been to this year which was the Sk blowout of Calgary (Burris was awful in that game).. KJ hasnt really been the reason for SK losing a game this year (maybe the BC game, but the whole team played bad so you cant really fault him)... The last 2 losses were more so a fault of the defense.. (mind you the pick in the endzone was a brain fart) But you cant expect a QB to be able to continually dig your team out of bad field position.. I admit Burris is playing great football right now, but he wasnt consistant at the beginning of the season, and he wasnt consistant through all of last year.. My other point is that you can't compare these two based on stats.. Joseph finds ways to win even if he numbers arent amazing, Burris rarely wins unless he passes for more than 300 yrds.. .. however it always comes down to how many picks or fumbles he has in a game.. IF its lots, Stamps lose, if its few or none, Stamps win.... If you ask me, that is inconsistancey.. With that said, Burris is a fun QB to watch because when he is on I dont think there is a better passer in the CFL..

When Burris is "hot", he is arguably the best QB in the CFL. I have seen him evade the rush, with ease, then with a flick of his wrist, he throws it 50 yards down field, splitting 2 defenders and perfectly placing the ball on the receivers hands so that the receiver doesn’t even have to break his stride. However, in the blink of an eye, he can go "cold". I have also seen him role to his left and then throw it directly to a defender, when there wasn’t a receiver with in 20 yards.

Henry Burris is the definition of inconsistent. He has been that way is whole career.

I am surprised that you mentioned Glenn in one of your posts, because Glenn has been the most consistent QB this year. Every game he throws for 250 to 300 yards and throws for 1 or 2 TDs.

Also I don’t' think you can use wins and losses, solely, to measure consistency. Ricky Ray has played consistently well all season and does not have the wins to show for it.