SO now that Jenins has the repect of Ottawa...

still think he will go far in the gades organisation?

Double K

From what I've heard, his run and shoot offence doesn't really work. But, I think he is a superlative recruiter. If we play this season with Jenkins in charge, look for some great american talent to show their stuff. I'm sure that Jenkins has unearthed a lot of great talent in his camps down south.

Here's hoping!

Jenkins IMO w/b on short leash regardless of who owns the team.

I don't think he was right hire at the time for a team in this situation.

He was a Glieberman hire. As soon as new owner comes in, he'll want his own people in coaches, GM, Front Office etc. Given that timeframe is so short, he'll have to go with Jenkins because he has no choice.

Unless Jenkins puts Gades in GC or close to it, his tenure will be short here.

BTW: I wouldn't overdo it with respect factor being earned. Many of those who watched Town Hall or who were there, weren't exactly thrilled with his style, approach or "master plan."