So not a catch!

Don't get me wrong, I respect the refs, but there wasn't even a conference to determine if Copeland caught that ball. It looked suspect at full speed and painfully obvious at slow speed. There needs to be something to make better balance (e.g. three video review plays per game per team).

that was NOT a catch!! :roll: :wink:

And its a new world record on a blame the refs post

You know what that means, the message is loud and clear, “Hey NFL, time to switch dealers!”

Seriously, something has to be done to improve the reffing in this league. IR, better training, fire biased refs like Ireland who only want 5 seconds of TV time per game, whatever!

Sorry Kanga they only thing that can help is the replay
That was a bang bang play and it took 3 replays at different angles to call it.

What annoyed me was Lief at first going on and on about how great a catch it was they he turned on the refs and called it a bone head call after he had the luxury of seeing it again 3 times.