So... Nobody Watching Cats-Ar&os?

Good thing we’re enjoying it out East.

Well… Cat fans are.

It's pretty normal to nt have a thread for Argo games. Not sure why, though.

Well for Argo games it's perfectly understandable. But for Tiger-Cat games???????? :smiley:

Shhhh... watching football.

Argos are pooping the bed after all the fine play of recent weeks! Damnit! :thdn:

You know, I have to wonder what could have been for Henry Burris south of the border had he not been where QBs go to die -- Chicago (and other places like Cleveland, Oakland, Arizona, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa Bay, etc).

He's better now than at least the bottom third of NFL QBs.

Cool, I supported the sponsor tonight and treated myself to a Wendy's too. :slight_smile:

Is it just me, or is not going for it on 3rd & 1 on the goal-line a really silly thing to do? It feels like saying that you don't trust your offense to score, AND you don't trust your defense to stop the other team deep in their own end.

I mean, some teams (like Montreal) are known for making great goal-line stands, but you have to trust your team to be able to get 1 yard.

Things just got really interesting.

Agreed. Unless time is running out in a close game, or right before halftime, you go for it. Otherwise take the points.

The wheels on the bus go falling off.... ugh

Collaros has quite a ways to go. He has all that time to throw and is not making it happen much of the time. No excuses with all that time good Lord!

Waters is redeeming himself tonight. 4 for 4.
4 point game in the 4th. We're in for an exciting finish.

I'm just watching Proulx ref.

Wheat done growing? :slight_smile:

Do you mean to tell me that the Argos pull 4 wins on the road in a row but blow now the last three games at home?

Damn you Argos! I am done with the VGCC I've had it!

Proulx up close to watch collaros get face masked, but doesn't throw a flag.

Ah it’s just as well to hell with him too then.

Paolo..... settle down, my man. Righteousness won. :smiley:

The interesting thing is that, once again, there's SOME interest in the race in the east. The Cats are down by 4 but a win next week has them down by 1 with the tie-breaker. (I still think Argos take it.)

I am doing my best to boycott games with Proulx. 1st game I have missed this season, and will try to continue that trend.

You didn't miss much depop. Proulx however appears to have missed a face mask. I'll have to take peoples word on that because I turned this one off after the 4th holding that was missed early in the 3rd. Gotta give him credit for consistency, missed 2 against Hamilton and 2 against Toronto. Almost forgot the high tackle on Owens. Did Proulx even open his eyes today?