so no more hating on canada from me

from now on im here to talk football. nothing really to hate on anyways i guess. canadians arent bad.

but anyways back to football from now on.(hoping nobody has heard about rhett bomar)

im so lost...

well i guess u dont really remember all of my rants from the offseason. maybe u werent a member yet.

i remember you, just didnt pay attention lol

There you are sooner fan! I was just thinking about you the other day when I read about your team on ESPN. Tough loss. Makes no difference anyway - Rhett is just one guy. I am looking forward to my trip to Eugene on Sept. 15 to watch the Ducks beat the Sooners. I think the last time we exchanged words I said it would be 28 to 21 Oregon. You still agree with me on the outcome, don't you?

lol ya rhett was really stupid. the radio was saying that he wasnt well liked on the team though and the guy taking his place (Paul Thompson) was. hopefully your right about it only being one guy, plus we still have adrian peterson, and he is one of the heisman frontrunners (WOOHOO!!). and lol i still dont agree on the outcome of the ou-uo game, but im sure my sooners wont beat the ducks too bad. :slight_smile: