So NFL looks at a Single point play

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Ok so the CFL if they decided to give a single point if the ball crosses the goal post all the Media and anti CFL fans would be all over It, laughing their heads off.

But this is the NFL, and it's cool.

God, I thought you were joking until I read the article. And the Anti-CFL media calls the CFL bush!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll:

I think you need to read the article again. The Sun reporter is saying that "he" thinks there should be a point awarded if a kicker can put it through the "uprights" on a kick off. It's never been discussed in the NFL, just "unofficial" sources.
I suppose a good kicker with the wind at his back could put it through the uprights on a kick-off.
The NFL is not discussing it, it's just a talking point from a reporter.
But it does sound like a good idea.

Justin Tucker from the Ravens brought this up because he does it for fun on kickoffs.

Broadcaster: and the final score here today at brr, brr cold Lambeau Field is a 1-1 tie, with both teams nailing one through the uprights on the kick-off.

Broadcaster2: please don't adjust your television sets football fans, you heard it right. The only scoring today happened on each team's kick-off to their opponents.

Broadcaster1: Heading into halftime with a 1-0 lead, the Packers would have never guessed the Chicago kicker would return the favor mere seconds during the 2nd half opening kick-off.

Broadcaster2: Per the new NFL Rule Book, any time a game ends 1-1, each team's kicker will continue to trade kick-off kicks until one kicker misses. Last kicker standing wins one for his team.

Broadcaster 1: How did attending a football game end up becoming a soccer style/hockey style shoot-out?!

Broadcaster2: Sucks to be the kicker who misses...he may be booted from his team, no pun intended.

In all seriousness though, the concept isn't a bad idea, but what the NFL should consider is holding a $100 raffle entrance at each game, and calling a winning fan to the 50 yard line at the beginning of the contest to try his/her hand at booting one through the uprights to split the cash-say-$5,000--with a charity of their choice.