So much for the salary cap????

The Argo's have always been the number one team in the CFL to overshoot the salary cap year after year and this year with an actual cap in place this year is no exception. The signing of Ricky Williams announced this afternoon for approx $250,000.00 per year along with all their other high priced talent should officially bring the Argos payroll back up to around $5 Million plus a year, forget 3.2 million or whatever the present cap is, lets just blow some money and bring in Ricky "Smoke or Coke" Williams, no more druggie jokes please. Also the Argos bring in a guy with a track record like this guy with a reputation for the above and on a year long NFL suspension and the CFL Commish allows this, well I guess the CFL is owned and run by the Argos because only they could get away with deals like this, remember "The Rocket" the 25 million dollar man, nuff said. Go Cats Go in 2006 and lets beat up the Argos this season!!!!!

Now we know why Bob raised the price for Labour day…he just knew that the Argos would screw up and go over the cap…lol…

There is no Cap

Hey, don't spoil the fun. :stuck_out_tongue: We're trying to build a rivalry here. :twisted:

Sorry DBLBlue..
But The Fact is The Argos are loaded

the Battle is for 2nd and 3rd..
I see a 10 Win Season in Hamilton.
If where lucky Will win 1 game Vs Toronto.

wow the argos are trying to BUY another greycup.Maybe one day they will try to earn it.Everybody says Pinball is this great coach,ever since he started coaching the Argos al he has done is buy players,wonder how good he would look if he actually had to build a team instead of just paying NFL rejects to play on his team, to win championships.Sorry Pinball as long as you bleed double blue your still a BUM...........ti-cats rule always........whats going to happen when the argos have to play by the rules.

Why don't we all wait until Rosters are set before we accuse any team of being over a Cap, which isn't enforced for this year anway??

Buy Championships? Like the Cats did when they outbid TO for Mcmanus and Flutie in 98?

Build teams? Like the Cats did when they agred to a "Rent a Player" deal just to get Maas? And once again prostituted themselves to Regina just so they could choose KJ ahead of the Bombers?

Your past ain't so clean that you can diss the Argos.

Oh, and RW ain't a reject, they do want him back...he's a rental, just like Davis was for Edmonton last year.


ArgoDave makes some good points. He'd have an even stronger case if we had succeeded in luring Doug Flutie back last year, as apparently we tried quite hard to do. No one is perfect, and I'd bet there are a few CFL teams kicking themselves for not adding Ricky to their own neg list.

AD, were you on the old site under a different name? I don't recall any Argo fan ever having the intelligence to string together a reasonably coherent post.

ArgoDave is awesome.

I agree, AD.

I move that the witness's testimony
about the Argos being over the salary cap

be stricken from the record because the witness
does not have personal knowledge of the matter.


And besides, if the salary management system gets approved,

this year will be used AS A TRIAL RUN
to prepare for it's implementation NEXT YEAR!!

and as someone said Ricky William's salary
will be off the Argos payroll next year.

I don't think us Argo fans are to intelligent we just sound smart on :stuck_out_tongue:

ArgoDave, Davis isn’t/wasn’t a rental. He’s with the esks again this season again and will probably sign on for longer if his age permits. Ricky Williams IS a rental, the argos will have him for only one season. And I find it very idiotic how this league will allow ex-NFL drug adicts to come into our league for ONE season while serving out there drug suspension. It’s almost as if the CFL is encouraging NFL players to do drugs. They’ll have the mentality that “Oh well, if i get caught I’ll go play in the CFL for a season, where I can continue to make money during my one year suspension.”

And not to sound too one-sided to this argument… Ricky Williams in the CFL will attract more viewers, and increase attendance #'s probably league-wide.

The TiCat Chat here is a mere echo of community owned teams like Sask...

Iffen anyone wants, lets get "public" about salaries and taxi squads, but it can be agreed that Toronto is the very worst offender...

If the League is to succeed, and expand back into Ottawa and the Maritimes/Halifax, the BoG's are going to have to enable the Commissioners to give a "real" rap on the knuckles to the big cheaters on salary cap rules to allow small market teams to exist, let alone prosper.

Personally, I could care less if the Argo's ever contended, let alone won a Cup, or hosted same. Such "finals" are always more successful (for the League) when located elsewhere.

It would be terribly neat to see the Argo's have a season where they actually played by the rules...

we wiil see next year how good the argos are when they have to follow a salary cap.I think they will continue to buy players and break the salary cap,NOBODY BLOWS LIKE A CHEATN ARGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a joke... ti-cats fans are peeved that the argos are over a cap that doesnt exist because thier own owner rejected the cap?

and even if the cap WASNT still wouldnt have been in affect this season anyways.

and be honest with yourselves...the ticats woulda been over the cap this year too...maybe not as much as the argos, but still over.

holmes, ranek, maas, vaughn, cavil, hudson, ralph...these players are not cheap....not to mention the stars the cats already had, like flick and yeast

Who said they'll have a cap next year. This years cap was a joke anyway, it was only there to keep Ottawa's owners from whinning about how cheap they are.

Once again Argo Dave you are wrong see, you only understand one way streets ,like out bidding other teams .

McManus and Flutie came to the Ti-Cats because they wanted to play here ,for about the same dough (Tim Hortons )and coach Lancaster.....period!

Think past the one way streets Davey!