So Much For the New Hamilton Stadium.

Read today that if the Pan Am games come to southern Ontario, this fancy new stadium for Hamilton that I heard the Ticats would move into has suddenly become nothing more then a 15,000 seat stadium/velodrome. Obviously way too small for a CFL team to play in. Here's hoping the city of Hamilton and Bob Young pitches in some money to bring this thing up to at least 30,000 for the Ticats.
If not, it looks like Ivor Wynne better be able to stand for another 100 years.

read that as well - I think you're right on this one.

I also read both papers today. I think that this is what was initially planned and the Toronto writers and or the Pan Am committee is not aware of the recent developments with the Hammer and Bob Young.
At least I hope not as this would be a fiasco, nothing more then a high school bleacher type stadium.


Does this help?

Pan Am plan boosts Hamilton
Blueprint shows new stadium and velodrome

John Kernaghan
The Hamilton Spectator
TORONTO (Feb 19, 2009)

(relevant portion)

[i]A new stadium

Where: West harbourfront. A 30-acre industrial site bounded by Barton, Queen, Stuart and Bay streets.

What: An initial 15,000-seat stadium to be built complete with an inside track and an adjacent 400- metre track.

  • Possible new home of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum, retail, training facilities, public community space.

  • A permanent $11-million velodrome for cycling to be located next to the stadium.

* Second-phase stadium construction would see a $50-million addition to increase seating capacity to 24,000 to 30,000.

Why here: Size, accessibility, land-use compatibility, boosts waterfront development and downtown development, proximity to Copps Coliseum to create cluster of bid venues.

"Site is viable and feasible so long as property acquisition issues can be overcome in a timely enough manner to accommodate Pan Am Games scheduling," David Adames of Tourism Hamilton states in a city staff report.

How much: Hamilton council asked to commit to $60 million as city share of 15,000-seat stadium and velodrome. Hamilton would look for private and public cost sharing to fund additional $50 million needed to expand stadium for Canadian Football League purposes.

How to pay: Three potential sources:

  1. Fully paid from Hamilton Future Fund. This option would have no impact on city budget.

  2. Debt financing. City would borrow $60 million over 15 years. This would increase operating budget by $6 million and add 1 per cent to average residential tax bill.

  3. Capital budget. City would use fund for major capital projects such as new sewers. Replace the funds from monies available from the recent introduction of the federal-provincial infrastructure program.[/i]

It's been known for a couple of weeks now that the Pan Am funding is for a 15000 seat stadium. However the city is still trying to come up with the funds for a larger, 25-30 000 seat stadium. I'm too lazy to do some research, but I think it's around 90 million that the city/private partners (Bob Young and friends) have to come up with.

By the sounds of things around Hamilton, I think they'll do it, it's just the location they are debating.

Good to hear! We can only cross our fingers and hope so. This is an issue for all Canadians and fans of the CFL.

Are you people even following this story?? Old news folks.

If it is approved for Pan Am stadium, IT WILL BE the Ticats stadium. The city will pitch in as well as Bob Young and corporate sponsors to up the capacity to the appropriate size.

I can't believe this is news to people.