So Much For The International Bowl

REad today in the Toronto Sun that the tickets for this US university football game at the Skydome, which were at first 40 bucks, are now being dumped for 5 bucks.

As expected this thing will be a complete disaster. These people who think what works down there will work up here just don't get it.

SWEET :smiley:

"Eh! Get ready for the International Bowl, where Cincinnati will play Western Michigan at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. And yes, The Building Formerly Known as SkyDome does utilize the "re" spelling, you hoser."

Don't wish bad on this game though, no need to do so even if you don't care about the game.

I don't wish bad on anybody.
I'm a realist. And I could have told the people behind this thing to save their money.

Trouble is you have people in this country who know nothing about sports but watch US TV and think what's popular down there is popular up here.

But it don't work that way. Like would you hold the Memorial Cup in Alabamie? So why would you hold an American university football game in Toronto? These dummies are getting what they deserved.

Just a business decision by Rogers Inc. as another date of an event hosted by their Rogers Centre. They may make a bit of money out of it. I don't think there is anything more than that to it. Won't be a big disaster or gain anyway you look at it, they own the stadium afterall.

Schedule of events for anyone interested:

Meet The Coaches Press Conference
Tuesday, December 12th - 11:30am-1:00pm

Head Coaches from both teams will meet the Toronto media at a press conference

Each Head Coach and a star player from each team will meet the Toronto media and have the opportunity to discuss his team, the season, and preparations for the bowl game.

International Bowl Welcome Reception and Dinner at Casa Loma
Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007 - 7:00pm-10:00pm

The City of Toronto offers a warm welcome to the visiting teams

Representatives from the City of Toronto, Toronto Tourism, and The Rogers Centre will join Athletic Directors, Coaching Staffs, Official Travel Party members, International Bowl Sponsors and VIP Guests for an elegant reception and dinner at the historic Casa Loma. Select officials and the two Head Coaches highlight a brief program.

Players Nights in Toronto’s Entertainment District
Wednesday and Thursday, January 3rd and 4th, 2007 - 6:00pm-Midnight

The players get to see Toronto with a night on the town

We’ve made arrangements for two of Toronto’s great restaurants to be the “home base? for teams while in Toronto. Joe Badali’s will be home to representatives of the Big East, while Montana’s will be home base for representatives from the Mid-American Conference. After dinner, players and other International Bowl participants will enjoy a wide range of entertainment options in Toronto’s Entertainment District, where your International Bowl Passport will make sure you get the VIP treatment wherever you go.

CN Tower Tour and Team Luncheon
Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Thursday is more than just a day of practice

Thursday's practice is made special for each team with a lunch at Windows and a tour of the landmark of Toronto’s skyline -- the CN Tower. Windows is one of the fine dining facilities within the Rogers Centre and overlooking the field. The CN Tower is the world’s tallest free standing structure and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the lakeshore.

Kickoff Luncheon at the Sheraton Centre Hotel Ballroom
Friday, January 5th, 2007 - 12:15pm-1:30pm

A banquet for the teams and guests

Starwood Resorts is the host sponsor, and the two Head Coaches will share the spotlight at the Sheraton Centre Hotel Ballroom. Guests include sponsor representatives, city officials, team host committees, and VIP’s among an expected crowd of over 400.

Downtown Battle of the Marching Bands
Friday, January 5th, 2007 - 5:30pm-6:30pm

Marching bands and spirited fans will begin an evening of downtown fun

Don’t wait until game day to be in downtown Toronto’s extraordinary Entertainment District. On Friday evening the marching bands from each school will face off in the middle of John Street. Each band will perform their school fight song and then alternate with selected numbers to stir the crowd and better the previous tune. After crowning the winner the streets get quieter as band members and fans filter into the many eateries and pubs in the finest Entertainment District in North America. Bands will arrive at 5:30pm and end around 6:30pm.

Grand March into the Stadium
Saturday, January 6th, 2007 - 10:30am

These fans are ready to go -- let the game begin

The inaugural International Bowl gets off to a rousing start as each school hosts a pre-game pep rally at the Rogers Centre. Join the marching bands and cheerleaders for a pre-game performance and rally on the stadium plaza prior to entering the stadium. The Big East band will be on the east plaza and the MAC band will be on the west plaza.

International Bowl Game
Saturday, January 6th, 2007 - Kickoff at Noon

Get a program, grab a hot dog, and settle in for the action

At 12:00 noon on Saturday January 6th the Mid-American Conference representative will square off against a Big East Conference opponent in the inaugural game of the International Bowl. This new event is destined to become an annual classic for the Mid America and Big East Conferences, and for everyone in the Greater Toronto Area. Gates will open at 10:30 a.m.

Har-dee-har-har! News Flash: This ain't Kansas!! :cry:

I guess the promoters never noticed that college football games draw between 150 to 5000 fans in Canada, if they're lucky. I guess they will just have to paper the crowd like they always do for American football games in Toronto...

Ticket master is adding a Ton of Fees..
on that 5 Dollar Price..
look here

[url=] ... ional+bowl[/url]

Please These are Minor league Collage Teams.
1AA I think
Not worth even $5.00 IMO

Not to inflame the debate but did the Sun say exactly where I can get said Five dollar tickets? I can't seem to find the article and when I go to ticketmaster it still has the full price? help for an NCAA heretic please? Ill make sure to tell you guys how much the game sucked when I get back LOL!

Or Argos games, I remember when I was in High school pinball midget showed up and gave every class like 20 tickets.

How times have changed. :rockin: :rockin:

Gee Earl. Are you the organizer of this thing or something? You sure are excited about an event nobody gives a rats pitute about.

And about Pinball giving tickets away? The Raptors and Blue Jays do that with regularity. I remember last year that Bad Boy furniture store gave away 10,000 tickets.

And about these 5 buck tickets for the International Bowl. YOu go to, and when you buy the tickets you have to type the word "argos" in the promtional code box. Then you get your five dollar tickets.

For fun I tried for five seats, and got them near centre field 20 rows up. LIke they say. Plenty of good seats available.

But not until after they jack up the price to almost $18 each with a $2 facility charge, $9(!) convenience charge, and taxes.

I have always said this is a dog with flees.
No one will watch this crap either live or on TV.
They can't even give free tickets away. Not even the homeless people would come in door to warm up.

Collage?? UFFF!!! Anyways...

Cincinnati and Western Michigan are Division 1A football programs. Cincinnati belongs to the Big East Conference, which is a major conference aligned with the BCS. Western Michigan belongs to the Mid-American Conference (MAC), which is a mid-major conference.

i'll watch it on tv.
but of course, i even watched south florida vs. east carolina. and rice vs. troy. and central michigan vs. middle tennessee state. and about 15 other bowl games in the past week.

As far as the International Bowl is concerned....if interest is as low as it seems to be, they might have to re-name it "The Toilet Bowl".

Oh right, no way ticketmaster is lowering THEIR fee. That makes it a less attractive option indeed. Thanks for the info anyway!

berezin wrote:

Gee Earl. Are you the organizer of this thing or something? You sure are excited about an event nobody gives a rats pitute about

Wouldn't say I'm overly excited or anything berezin but I love football and am dying to go to a game now with NFL playoffs coming and the bowl games I've been watching.

The wife's and my plan is this: drive Saturday morning to Toronto from Hamilton, do a little skate at Harbourfront and then walk from there up to the Rogers Centre and take in the game, something to do on a Saturday and should be fun to see some excited American fans up here even if it will be not many. They love their football there and should be fun, that's all.

Sounds like a fun day Earl.
I wouldn't mind going myself if I had the time. I've never seen a live NCAA Div 1 game.
While these teams are not the top rated teams in Div 1, they're still good football teams.
But you won't find me discrediting them...I'll leave that to the people who get their jollies from critizing.