Well first we were told how what over 200,000 requests have come in, it's like the old days on the McDonalds signs, "over so many millions sold".
Then those suckers interested had to buy up front, for all of the regular season 5 games and the 3 insomnia pre season games. Again, "they" changed that to OK you only need to purchase and pay for 3 games at a time?
Now this weekend and inclusive of today on Rogers media radio stations, Fan 590 and CHFI-FM you guessed it spots for buying the Bills tickets.
Again I say this can't miss proposition is anything but.
Those who do not know and buy into this bs hype, will tell you it is a slam dunk, all of Toronto will drool over it.
Same thing happened the last two pre season games that I specifically remember here at the Skydump(now Rogers), Budweiser promoted the heck out of the event and with Godfrey and the bunch and you guessed it papered the house by giving away tickets at various watering holes in the city. Those suckers that bought paid on the average $20-$25 as "they" were trying to make it so affordable that it would sellout.
Well it didn't and although I recall they announced the last pre season game that the Browns played at around 43,000, those in the know say about half were disguised as empty seats.
Which also reminds me of the recent International Bowl and how about the last Godfrey failed efforts with the "can't miss" Toronto Phantoms of the AFL?
"They" do deserve egg on their face and a financial bath for the guaranteed $79M to the Bills.

The season starts in like 3 days. Why don't you try talking about that?

You are right andkon, but I just couldn't help to post especially for those outside the wannabe Toronto region.

i didnt catch anything u were sayin in that rant.

point of story is???

"They" do deserve egg on their face and a financial bath for the guaranteed $79M to the Bills.
oh I so hope so :thup:

I'll never understand this need to slag the NFL or to "kick" them when they're "down."

Inferiority complex?

nothing here about slagging the NFL. IF anything, its about slagging the NFL loving CFL threatening assinine torontonians...and do they ever deserved to be kicked if and when down.

Im sure the nfl is watching like they did before and noticing too. Isnt this the town that sold out 3 spice girls concerts? Correct me if Im wrong.

I bet for that ex game you will be able to get tickets from scalpers at less than the ticket price, easy. Maybe even the regular season game if it doesn't mean anything for either team.

Maybe Rogers will have a phone plan.....Pay your Phone bill 15 days early and get an NFL Ticket!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tattenbaum could have Guarantee win night at Maple Leaf Gardens.....The Leafs would have to win, or you'd get a free NFL ticket.....Then they'd be giving NFL tickets away all the time! :lol: :lol: :lol:

In Other totally related news, There is over 1600 Seats available for the pre-season game on stubhub and ebay

I know how to peeve off a "NFL only counts" fan. I'll go to the game and ask from a scalper to give me a pair for $2.00 a ticket and say that's all they are worth. :lol:

Doesn't matter how bad ticket sales will be, or how bad the games might be, the shills for the NFL already have their articles written. And you know it'll be rah rah sis boom bah. There'll be handshakes and smiles and happy talk all around. It really is quite laughable.

Ok, if anyone knows Phil Lind's email, send it to me. I'll buy tickets at face value if he personally tells me that he is a season ticket holder for the Argos and goes to as many Argo games as he can.

I think Lind is the real man behind the Bills-T.O. thingy albeit it is still mainly Rogers' money.

Agreed and Lind is a lunatic. If ever meet that coward...

He does sound a bit like a lunatic in this NP blog he wrote the other day. Some of what he says is valid and true, yes, but I hardly doubt that there are so many vast numbers in Toronto that think the Bills thing is the best thing to ever happen in Toronto. If it's football, I say the Grey Cup is personally, not an NFL game or two:

Phil Lind: There will be no losers when the Buffalo Bills play in Toronto

Posted: June 20, 2008, 8:47 PM by Marni Soupcoff

The best things to happen to Toronto in a very long time are the two games the Buffalo Bills will play there this season. When the Bills meet the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Rogers Centre on August 14, sports history will be made. And from whichever team plays the weaker game, there will be no losers.

In fact, the benefits flowing from this series of gridiron battles so far outweigh the liabilities that a whole new definition of the expression “win-win? will have to be written. Football fever is returning to Toronto, and it’s bringing with it an incredible array of opportunities.

The 10 to 15 thousand Southern Ontario fans who drive to Buffalo for every Bills game can now hop on the subway or Go-Train and catch the action at home. When it comes to listing the positive impacts of live NFL football in Toronto, however, convenience is just a starting point.

Consider the indirect or spill-over benefits. At a time when a Canadian dollar at par and high gasoline prices are hitting tourism hard, think of what a shot in the arm capacity crowds of 54,000 people flooding in and out of the Rogers Centre will be for Toronto’s restaurants, hotels, retailers, cab drivers and street vendors. With ticket prices as low as $55, taxes and fees included, fans are going to feel very relaxed about spending a little extra to make their NFL football experience even more memorable.

That’s why so many sports enthusiasts, 180,000 in all, entered the lottery to buy Bills-in-Toronto tickets. That’s why so many Torontonians support this unprecedented sports story.

Toronto is getting passionate about football again, and that can only lead to good things for the home team. The Argonauts, true to the mythological roots of their name, know what all ocean sailors know: A rising tide lifts all boats.

Some have suggested that while a few Bills games played in Toronto may indeed be good for the Argonauts and the CFL, bringing an NFL team to the city permanently would be a disaster for both. I disagree. Football fans want to see more of the sport they love, not less. The Greater Toronto Area is home to over five million people, and it is growing. It can easily support both CFL and NFL football.

Toronto is a destination city because it consistently expands upon what it has to offer residents and visitors alike. Whether you want high quality sports, art museums and galleries, theatre, music, opera, fashion or almost anything else you can think of, from educational opportunities to culinary delights, Toronto has it. It offers something for every taste and every budget. It embraces the cultures and interests of the world and rightly prides itself as a showcase of what they have to offer.

This is the philosophy that drives the thinking behind the Bills-in-Toronto initiative. Everyone who has worked so hard to add this new reason to love Toronto, passionately believes it.

Via television, the Bills series will re-introduce Toronto to American viewers as a tourist haven. We will beam our fair city and all its selling points into millions of American homes. Media outlets will do features, journalists will visit. This is the type of opportunity that simply does not come along very often. Those who oppose the Bills-in-Toronto initiative may have the best of intentions, but they are simply wrong.

NFL football is not something to be feared; it is a welcome addition to a welcoming city. There is no plan, let alone an agreement, to bring an NFL team to Toronto now or in the near future, but if the opportunity to do so ever arises, Torontonians would be wise to grab it with both hands.

— Phil Lind is vice-chairman of Rogers Communications Inc

What a liar. These guy are truly idiots if they want us to believe they care about the CFL.

And if you believe that one…

Yup, actually he isn't liaing I don't think. Think of the word 'plan'. What does that mean in this context or could mean? It means right now there are no actual concrete details by Rogers to bring a team to Toronto because they themselves don't know what the future holds for the Bills and without that, well, there really is no plan. The plan starts when Ralph Wilson passes on and then the gears get going as to what will happen to the Bills because Toronto will not get any team as long as the Bills are still in existence in Buffalo. I think it's that simple really.
But the people of Buffalo and area, Bills fans, are trying to see the team stays in Buffalo, 53,000 season tickets and I think right now all of the games or close to it are sold out. Unlike in Hamilton where the team could be toast in a few years and become the Canton, Ohio of the CFL with the Hall of Fame and exhibition game. I'm not joking actually.