so much for no fun league

great game in dallas today. doesn't get any better in any league.

wow, how many 13-7 games have you missed?

do you know that over the years, I have calculated pts per team per game from both leagues, and yards per game from both league for an entire season, at least twice, maybe more, and there has been little difference. Don't feel up to doing it again, believe me or not.

So tell us your results FYB.

I did these calcs between over 10 and about 2 yrs ago. Every time, clf was less than 10% better, rough guess from fading memory.

Take this weeks nfl games so far. One less than 20, one or two less than 30, depending on game in progress, all the rest in 40s, 50s, two 60s and one over 100. A lot better than you seem to insinuate.

make that only one less than 30, another one over 30 and another one 0ver 40 and counting.

Yeah, it looked like a CFL game

someone sure isn’t expecting a bunch of 13-7 games

Give me a low scoring game in any league that is well played ,before a high scoring ,mistake prone game !