So much for all the posts on Ricky Ray?

So much for all the past posts on Ricky Ray when he got injured and was going to be gone for nine games and many fans posted that would be the end to the Argo dominance in the East and Hamilton would slide easily into first spot, well all you experts I guess your wrong because the Argo's are doing a heck of job at controlling the East, without Ricky Ray and with a back up in Zack at the helm.

Unless the Tiger-Cats plan on beating the Argo's in the upcoming match ups, or the Argo's hit a losing streak, their wont be much of a chance for the Cats to catch the Argo's and take over the number one spot in the East, I thought many fans predicted this would be easy that the Cats would just slide into number one in the East, not working out as predicted ah folks?

were 2 games out of a tie for first and 2 games coming up gainst the argos first place is still ours if u really wanna know. I guess u just had to post something to be heard.

Thats ok ,so we will pack the rogers centre for the east final!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

I don't think the cats plan on beating the Argos in the upcoming match ups . I think they plan on
Hammering the Snot out of them .

Milanovich is a hell of a coach. Despite all the drama in Saskatchewan this past week, winning on the road against an 8-2 team with a back-up quarterback and no running game is pretty damn impressive.

Argos are the defending champs for a reason. Rider fans figured their team would wipe their feet on them... :lol:

To much Argo Love on here, lol! Nobody Blows like the Argo's and we will NOT be packing the Skydome "Rogers Centre" we will be packing Alumni Stadium as we will be ahead to the Argo's suck by the end if the season still 7 regular season games to go! Until the math tells me different Ill always believe the Cats we be the Hosts of the eastern finial! :rockin:

8) The Argos have been able to come on like gang busters in the 4th quarter recently, to win their games, and look quite
   impressive doing so, even with their back up QB at the helm !!

   The Cats on the other hand have done just the opposite in the 4th quarter of their last 2 games.
    It sure caught up with them in Calgary on Friday night !!!

Scary, isnt it? The Argos arent missing a beat without Ray, and I think the Als will do well with Marsh the next few weeks.
So we are the only East team still using the starting QB. Logically (which football aint) the Cats should be pushing their way to first place, not falling behind .500 again…


Seriously? They haven't faced a team with a good defense yet!
I doubt Collaras would pass for over 150 yards against the Ticat "D"

Any time the Cats have a chance to do something significant they throw up all over themselves. This is a trend that started 4 years ago and has been a issue every season

With Hamilton's secondary, he will probably pass for over 200 yards.

Tiger-Cats must first learn to Win as a team and play an Entire Game not just three quarters of Football. This Tiger-Cat team has all the makings of being a good young team but lack the Discipline either taking too many penalties or getting the job done and Winning football games. When you have a lead keep adding to it, don't sit on the lead and let the other team back in the game the Cats love to do this all too often and if it continues than the Tiger-Cats better be satisfied with second or third spot in the East because they won't get any higher with that attitude. Winning is contagious but so is Losing, so lets build a Winning team and keep on Winning!!


:lol: :lol: :lol: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

I agree - I was thinking the same thing when the Argos caught up to and overtook the Riders in Saturday night's game. They have been winning with strong fourth quarters while the Ticats have been slumping a bit late in the game. That would be VERY dangerous to do against the Argos right now. We'll need both of those back 2 backs it we want the season`s series! A win over the Argos - Ricky Ray or not - will not be a cakewalk but I think the Ticats can do it!

I think the Argos played the Riders at the right time, the Riders are having problems on an off the field ( Rey gone for the season and 2 Riders charged at a local bar) they were far from their best when playing the Argos.

Remaining schedule for the Tiger-Cats (1st column) and Argos ( 2nd column)

Game 12 - Montreal --- @Calgary
Game 13 - Calgary --- @Edmonton
Game 14 - Hamilton@Torornto
Game 15 - Torornto@Hamilton
Game 16 - @Montreal --- @Winnipeg
Game 17 - Montreal --- Winnipeg
Game 18 - @Winnipeg --- Montreal


Looking at the remaining schedule, it looks imperative for the tabbies to win both games against the Argos if they have hopes for 1st place.

We win all 7 games and the Arblows lose all 7. :rockin:

Toronto has a real nice schedule last 3 games. Winnipeg twice and finish at home against Montreal. I think the standings will stay as they are till the end.

I'd have to agree unless the als can somehow win in moncton. the home and home should be a split same as with the ticats and argos. bombers and esks have a tough sched down the stretch. another esks win friday would help the als' cause but they really need to win in edmonton and at home against winnipeg to insure a playoff spot.

Besides I'd rather have the east semi in sold-out 25,012 McGill than in 13,000 Guelph. :wink: