so much for 3 Straight Grey Cup Appearances..

This team is 1-6 and soon headed to 1-9 once we're done with Winnipeg back to back.

While other teams are making progress to get better we seem to be completely stagnant and going nowhere.

Toronto is getting better as you could see yesterday. B.C. will improve, they always do under Buono.

Our Defense sucks, you can't expect to win a game when you allow Calgary to score 45 points easily.

Agree with you totally. People need to wake up and realize that we are week in all areas. Teams love playing us, even in Regina. This organization needs an enema. Everyone all excited about ? Fantuz and ? Chick. If they do come back, do you really think they will want to come to a 1-9 team? :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don' t believe Fantuz would have a choice. . . Chick, on the other hand, I believe would be a free agent and if he comes on the CFL market I think there'll be quite the bidding war for his services.

I think both players would come here to help turn this team around. In the case of Chick, the dollars have to be there and the Riders better not blink and screw that up. With Fantuz, a raise or some bonus money wouldn't hurt to re-inspire him from not making it in the NFL if it goes that way.

Well, Andy spent his time in Regina right up until he had to report to camp, so that is a good sign. I still believe he will make the Bears though.

Chick apparently (I heard on here) owns a house in Regina, so I am sure would take a serious look there first. However, I have to think there will be a spot for him on some NFL minimum the PR. Because of that, he would have to decide between making 80-90K on a PR (5K a week) with a chance at cracking a roster spot and making big bucks, and 160-200 in the CFL and being a star. Can't fault either route, it is a decision he would need to ponder over

Andy is in his option yer with the Riders so if he comes back to the CFL it will be here. If I remember correctly he also signed a contract extension with the provision that he can try out in the NFL if given the opportunity. Whether that extension is still in effect if he returns I do not know. As to Andy making the Bears he didn't even play yesterday so that does not bode well for his chances.

Lions opened 1-7 last year, took the Riders to OT and would have had just as good of a chance to beat Calgary as Sask had.

Also interestingly enough, Lions dropped the first 2 against Calgary at home but then won the last 2 at McMahon to even up the season series. Eerily similar so far.

They’ve certainly dug themselves a big hole but aint nowhere near over yet.

Yes, I was more referring to potentially signing a longer deal. Guess I shoulda stated that.

Giving up after 7 games? We are still tied with 2 others for the final playoff spot, a fact everyone conveniently forgets. Once you get in anything can happen. I think this team is better than the 1997 Riders, and they played in the Grey Cup (and lost badly :wink: ).

Correct on both counts. I'd like to see the league bump up the cap, I don't know when last it was increased. It should be indexed to inflation at a minimum.

Looks like I'll have to change my signature. I was actually thinking of what to change it to. We Suck... was my favorite so far.