so many people dis Dane Evans, yet look at this season!!!

Well i was sitting here looking at all the doubters and non believers and been reading all the posts for weeks now.

Now were 11-3. We spent the last 3 weeks out west and we only lost by one point…ONE POINT by Calgary and everyone thinks there the more dominant team…then we go to Edmonton and win by 3 points but we did let the game get away from us a bit …because we should have dominated that game also when we were up 24 points…then we ended up going to Winnipeg who is unbeaten at home and we took it to them and beat them 33-13. We won 2 of the 3 games out west…That’s impressive!! Simoni Lawrence had a CFL best 17 tackles and Dane Evans had 70% passing percentage!!!

I read the Toronto Sun and TSN favouring Winnipeg by a long margin. I firmly believe that Hamilton has what it takes to go all the way. I bought my gold tickets to the eastern final and I wouldn’t be surprise if Dane Evans wins the Grey Cup for us and wins the starting quarterback position next year over Masoli.

This kid in the last 3 or 4 games is averaging 350 yds per game. We have two killer B’s in Brandon Banks and Bralon Addison who have over 1000 yds already receiving and 8 and 7 TDs each. We also have guys like Jaelin Acklin and Marcus Tucker who can do some damage out there.

On defence, we haven’t had a complete team like this since 1999 during the McManus years. Even with Delvin Breaux out and Adrian Tracy out up on the D Line we are so dominant.

Jumal Rolle an Frankie Williams has been shutting it down all season. Williams is a amazing special teams player and a rock solid Corner who had his best game last week.

Richard Leonard is shutting down receivers along with Cariel Brooks and Tunde Adeleke has been amazing at Safety

Simoni Lawrence is having the best year ever and leading the CFL. Justin Tuggle had an amazing interception that took it down to the red zone tonight and Rico Murray has been a beast this year.

What can i say about the front line…Dylan Wynn, Ted Laurent and Ja’Gared Davis…these guys have been manhandling offensive lines. Julian Howsare is filling in nicely also

This team is going to the grey cup and I will bet any of you 100.00 or more that if Hamilton is not in it by the end of this season, you won the 100.00


Well said!

He is getting better each week, very poised out there. I doubted we would have success when Soli went down but Evans has game for sure.

I’m a real Dane fan. But…it’s not fair to try and assume he’s better than Masoli as a starter. Very different D, very different O and special teams are better than last year. Just look at how we started with Masoli under a new OC & system and a D that was still learning. We won games and I don’t believe when Masoli went down that most fans thought Dane was as good as he’s shown.

By having Dane locked up for two more years, bringing Masoli back even at a higher salary, IMHO, is a no brainer. Having both for the 2021 season when we host the Grey Cup is,in my mind, a top priority.
As proven this year, you need two starting QB’s to be in contention.

Of course people had doubts early, right after Masoli ( our #1 guy) went down. Human nature and a typical “sporting? reaction.
That Evans is doing very well is welcomed result and yes we have a good, well balanced team that can go all the way.
Stop dissing the naysayers. Bet you ( and you peobably won’t admit) that you had doubts early as well!!

The difference between being upset and doubting are the emotional reactions like “this season is over” vs. “we have a good enough team to get through this”.

Nobody thought he would be this good, this soon.

But many didn’t write the season off like others did.

The skills of Dane Evans playing in Winnipeg last night are not the same as the skills of Dane Evans who entered the game against Winnipeg in Hamilton. His progression from competent back-up to full starter has been due to game experience, practice, ‘film’, and coaching. We are seeing far fewer over-throws and high throws, dramatically less tendency to hang on to the ball too long on the deep throws, and less throwing a howitzer through the receiver on the short throws.

IMO “so many people” were not dissing Dane as much as showing the concerns that all fans, media commentators, and even coaches have when the planned starter, and maybe a big chunk of the season’s play book goes out for the season. Check out the buzz in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan when their starter first went down, or was sidelined for the season.

This year , like Masoli, Evans first few starts were marked with a lot of two and outs and first reads being taken away. Disjointed and inconsistent.
Some blamed Condell.
Clearly all the offense needed was time.
The need for “chemistry” is a cliche but in this case it’s true

Masoli (Mazola) who? Should be interesting a year from now!?$ #1#2

This is what Evans was talking about in one of the interview segments on the game last night. With the limitation on practice time that the league agreed to, the back-up doesn’t get hardly any reps in practice, and like Evans said, you’re still supposed to go into the game and do what the guy you are replacing could do…

Evans now gets first-team reps in practice, and it shows…he sees things now that he didn’t see 10 weeks ago…that’s why, if LaPolice can coach at all in Winnipeg, they might be okay as well now that they know they have to get Streveler to be their guy…and he gets first-team reps in practice for the rest of the season…

Masoli is a Better athlete than Quarter Back … Dane Evans has the " IT " Factor … Enjoy what your seeing ! … Its special … Dane is playing with the same receivers and Offensive line… Only difference , is that he has a Quick Release , He doesnt panic in the pocket , and knows how to read a defense… Basic QB fundamentals… 3 to 4 step drop back, quick release , …Scramble if all else fails… Masoli is always panicking and leaves the pocket too early because of his inability to read a defense … Anyhow Dane whos a former Philidelphia Eagle has always had the intangables , and he’s getting the opportunity to showcase his skills… He’s only 25 years old folks !!!

Masoli was running for his life last season often. The OLine is playing better this year for certain.

Also receivers are different. Addison only played 4 games and was a bit contributor until the playoffs.
Acklin and Tucker were not here.

I am loving what Evans is doing out there, the offense is running on all cylinders but no need to disrespect Masoli. He has been an All Star and will be again.

Great post Palmer. :slight_smile:

I think some fans were cautiously optimistic. You can see the potential in Evans and know that his ceiling is much higher. The problem is that some people don’t have the patience to see a QB get developed.

There is a big difference between those of us that point out his developmental errors versus fans that immediately want to replace him with some has-been QB the minute he gets sacked in the red zone.

This is getting stupid discussing who’s better between Masoli and Evans. No way to win this point counterpoint discussion.

Your comment about Dane being an Eagle is a silly point because he was signed as an undrafted free agent and only had a two month cup of coffee during training camp with them. They obviously did not see value in keeping him over who they had.

I just thank god our scouting found him and signed him and management kept him over JF.

We have a great duo…no need to conjecture who is better without direct competition between them with all the same players.

Can we have a thread about who is better between Evans and Manziel?

Please NOOOOOOO…I’ll stop defending Masoli…I promise?

Can we get Seafiddle’s input? :smiley:

As a QB, insurance agent or both?
I’ve not seen Dane selling insurance yet, but I’m sure he could be better than Manziel with proper coaching and first team reps.

The folks in our section called him Cannoli! Not too many Masoli stans in our section either.

Disrespectful. Masoli is a class act and great person.