So Lulay will not be playing in the next two games

Well what is new? It seems like the 1st string QBs are dropping like flies across the CFL this year. Has there ever been a year like this in the past? I don't know.

As excited as DeMarco is about getting a crack at leading the Lions I wonder if he's been thrown out of the frypan and right into the fire. I don't see Dressler on SKK's injury list. Does that mean he'll be playing? Oh dear. This guy can kill the defence and if Durant is on his game watch out!

if ever there was a game that Lulay needed to be in it is the one coming up. The game against Winnipeg I'm not worried about. They have plenty of problems. It is the games against SSK over the next few weeks that will determine if the Lions have any chance of finishing off in 1st place or even 2nd place for that matter.

It is too bad Trevor went down, especially at that point in the game but Trevor Lulay is who he is. He had a bead on the end zone and he was going to try and get there come **** or high water. He is that kind of player and I respect him for that. Could he have avoided trying to ram the guy out of his way with his shoulder. Yes, he could have! He could have stepped out of bounds and let his work horses make the TD. At the very least the Lions could have gotten a FG. Would Trevor have done things differently in retrospect? I don't know but I hope so because both Trevor and the team paid a heavy price. Such is the game I guess.

DeMarco was impressive finishing off the game but we need to keep things in perspective. DeMarco was playing a team that had its defence on for a considerable amount of time. SSK will much fresher at the start of the game next weekend and the D will no doubt try to pound DeMarco into the ground. SSK will also be playing in front of a very partisan crowd which will give them even more motivation to pin the Lions' ears back.

DeMarco has got some good moves but he lacks the experience. it is one thing to go into a game when your team is well ahead and with just a few minutes remaining. It is entirely a different situation if the wheels start falling and you are getting intercepted or continually sacked. How will DeMarco handle adversity? We haven't seen that part of Thomas DeMarco. Rest assured the SSK ball hawks will be salivating looking for the "gift" that just might keep on giving. Any interception will be gratifying. The SSK D-Line will be salivating as they try and repeatedly sack DeMarco.

This game will be a huge test for DeMarco. HUGE! I do hope the Lions O-Line comes up big in protecting him. DeMarco will need to:

  • Keep his composure if things are not working out as planned.
  • Avoid being sacked.
  • Avoid interceptions at all costs
  • Play smart and aggressively but remember that 11 other guys are there to back him up. He doesn't need to do it all alone.
  • Avoid coughing up the ball if he decides to run with it.
  • Avoid getting on himself should [when?] he screw up.

The Lions O-Line had better be on its game and the Lions receivers had better make the best of things if the ball comes their way or it is going to be a very long...long afternoon.

Welcome to the CFL Thomas DeMarco! I hope the guys shines! :thup:

Here's hoping DeMarco does well but he's been thrown into this one, so I'm not liking BC's chances for the next three.

I look at it in another way. Wally has a history of finding gems in the QB'S position. Thank God!!!. Chappy will probably simplify the offence a little bit. Maybe have Thomas roll out the pocket more often with the offensive line we have. Who knows guys maybe having DeMarco start on the road may not be a bad thing. No pressure of playing at home. Players tend to gel more on the road, and maybe this kid is just thrill to get the chance to play in a hostile crowd. (Some players thrive on it)
Beagle my friend . No doubt I would love to see the Lions host a playoff game,but I'm more concern of having everybody healthy for the playoffs. Last year I really believe Lulay wasn't healthy playing in the WCF.I much rather have him sit out a few games and heal that shoulder instead of rushing him back into the line up.

I agree! :thup:

If the 2013 has taught us anything, given a good environment where they can develop, these backup QBs can manage a CFL offense, perhaps even excel doing it. Every one of these guys was a pretty good starter at the collegiate level, an impressive accomplishment by any standard.

Some may forget that Mike Reilly was originally slated to be the no. 2 guy in Edmonton, before Matt Nichols went down in week one. Collaros, Marsh, Mitchell, all have exceeded many fans' expectations. Now its Demarco's turn to shine. One of the great things about seeing these guys get in games is that we're seeing the League's future stars at quarterback. . I also not that the Lions brought back Joey Elliot, another guy whom showed promise after playing behind Buck and Alex Brink in Winnipeg. Perhaps they think he can give us some insider information on Winnipeg's offense, to help us beat the Bombers late in the season. More likely, Chris Hart's still being on the nine-game injured last means the team wants some insurance at that position.

Could it be that other teams have caught on to Wally Buono's method for developing QBs? In the off season the team holds free agent camps across the US to find really good prospects, and then give the guys who made the roster a meaningful amount of reps at practice, so they don't act like a deer caught in the headlights when they finally get their chance. Another thing than can Demarco in his first start is that no Saskatchewan's defensive coordinator doesn't have enough film to adequately game plan against him, basically the same position we were in in Toronto against Collaros and the Argos.

Another key is to be patient with them and not pull the rip cord the moment they struggle. CFL offenses are at least, if not more, complex than those south of the border. BC is known for the thickest, most difficult to grasp offensive playbook in the league. You just can't abandon a guy you thought had merit if they make a mistake here and there. What player at what position hasn't? Hell, the starters make enough mistakes every game, so it isn't about being perfect all the time. It's about limiting errors, being consistent and getting better each time out.

I think Demarco could surprise us with a strong effort on Sunday, win or lose. I was impressed last Sunday with his poise, his quick release and his ability to throw the ball accurately and make plays with his feet. If he can limit the turnovers, we have a decent chance in Regina this weekend. Especially if the offense can get Harris going at somewhere near peak efficiency.

The work Demarco gets in the next few weeks will make him a better, more productive player the next time he's called upon.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

"The work Demarco gets in the next few weeks will make him a better, more productive player the next time he's called upon." dooger

Hopefully this is true Dooger. I just wish his initiation wasn't against SSK. This is such an important game as is the next game the Lions play against SSK. As far as watching films is concerned do you really think other teams need to watch films when preparing to play the Lions?

Give us a BEE
Give us an ELL
Give us an EYE
Give us a Tee
Give us a Zee

Whaddaya see? Blitz! Blitz! Blitz!

It's been working quite well for most teams when they meet the Lions. Hey Lions O-Line.... are you reading this?

A comment or two about Collaros and Marsh:

Collaros really did a number on the Lions when the Lions last played Toronto back on July 30. No doubt about it. Collaros lit up the field and he looked very impressive but I watched him in his next few games and the guy simply looked average. He still looks average. I'm not saying he cannot fill in when called upon but I'm no longer impressed with the kid and he's a long way from being a number one QB. Will he get better? No doubt he will or..... he will plateau and what you see is what you get.

Marsh: Marsh has got some ability but go to the Als forum and talk to Disciplineandpunish. He really knows his stuff. He is not impressed at all with Marsh's QBing ability and he is able to back up why quite convincingly.

Other than what I've already stated in my opening post I would say that the following key things are going to have to come together:

  1. The Lions D must keep the Lions within striking distance because the further they fall behind on the scoreboard the bigger the risks we're going to see.

  2. DeMarco must not start to panic after he's been knocked on his keester a few times and it is going to happen.
    Count on the SSK defence salivating as they introduce DeMarco to Rider Pride before a partisan crowd.

  3. The Lions as a team must play disciplined football and not take stupid penalties that could negate the positives DeMarco displays. The worst thing for a QB is watching a well executed pass and reception be called back because of holding.

  4. The receivers have to catch the balls that are catchable. There is no margin for error there.

  5. Harris has to play like he's possessed. He needs to play like Brown has been playing of late. If Harris can establish his running game it is another potent weapon for DeMarco. He can only do this if the O-Line is firing on all cylinders. If SSK shuts Harris down then it is going to be a long afternoon.

I'm hopeful but only cautiously hopeful about Sunday's game. The biggest challenge for DeMarco will be dealing with the blitz. Lulay and the O-Line were showing strong indications in the last game that they may have solved the problem. There were a number of things Lulay was doing and was allowed to do because his O-Line was giving him the time. But that was a result of a QB with lots of experience under his belt. DeMarco does not have that experience. He is going to have to pay his dues and pay them dearly. SSK will make sure of that!

This is why Wally always gave his backup and 3rd stringers reps in practice. Our backups have never looked terribly out of place in game situations because of the number of reps they get in practice. Wally is the only one that does this and I think Benevides is doing this as well.

Beag, I agree that it might be easier on Demarco to start him against anybody but the Riders, but its not like he has a choice. And players always look forward to bringing their best effort against the better teams.

The main thing for Demarco is to manage the offense, use all his weapons, make a few plays with his feet, not try to win the game all by himself. I'm hoping we can get Harris going; that all by itself will take quite a bit of heat away from Demarco. We have one advantage: Cory Sheets won't play, so maybe the Riders can't grind out drives on the ground this week. Former Bomber Chris Garrett will fill in. He's a competent, experienced back who can make guys miss and catch the ball. With Sheets out I look for Saskatchewan to try to beat us mostly through the air, so we need another great game from all twelve defenders and more turnovers from out linebackers and secondary.

Adam Bighill had his best game of the year last week, so I' anticipate another great effort from him. By the way, does anyone know if Solly is ready to go yet?

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: