So long Tre Smith

Too bad this guy didn't get a few breaks along the way ... I liked his grit and determination.

Ironically I ran into him, Pavlovic, and Caulley last year @ Golf Town ... all three are now ex-Ticats.

Be careful who you pal around with.

Good luck dude.

Running back is a short career in football. Good luck to him in future endeavors. If that includes another team in the CFL then I withdraw that wish when suiting up against the Black & Gold.

I'll say. Seems to me that running backs have the shortest shelf life in the CFL. Really good (insert position here) last many years in this league. . . but even a stellar running back who wins the rushing title is usually gone 3 or 4 years later (see Warren, Antonio; Anderson, Kelvin; Edwards, Robert; and the list goes on and on and on. . . ),

I was hoping he could be our returner but with our lack of doesn't matter who is back there. Even Speedy Gonzalez wouldn't get many yards.

Aye carumba!

Too bad. I liked the way he played. I saw him at a couple of practices too. A tough little customer.
Good luck to him.

It is unfortunate that he missed almost all of last season and that this happened. He did well as a backup RB and I wanted to see him improve on returns, and thought that was what he might have done. Good luck to him in the future.

This release has made me, and a number of others, wonder how well Keith will do. Drew Edwards said that he will write an update on him. Hopefully he'll be able to be close to being as good as he was before he went to the NFL. And could John Williams be returning?

All the best to him, he looked like a gamer all the way.

Tre Smith, wish him all the best were ever he goes.

Ditto to the comments of diesel, mr62 & Earl on the way Tre played the game. While sad to see him go, I’m excited to read the other news in the Spec article on his release :

I would have cut Keith and that monster contract before getting rid of Smith....If Smith was fully healthy.

Sorry to see Smith go I liked his moxy he played tough and hard. Too bad he was injured a lot.

i liked Tre.thought he had really good exeleration and speed, thought he had potential as a punt and/or kick returner.
I would like 2 know Keith's condition but w/e, I Wish Tre the best.

Drew Edwards says today that Kieth is 100% and coming to camp.

Tre Smith can play the game. I can still see Richie Williams handing him the ball and then carrying out the fake while Tre headed for the endzone. Good luck to you , Tre. :thup:

Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)