So long Tom Wright

It's official as of the new year right? So long to a great commissioner. I just wanted to make a topic to commemorate the end of an era.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go sleep off my new year's drinking. Happy new year everyone!!!

Hopefully, Tom Wright's leaving won't bite the CFL in the a**.

I spent a very quiet New Years! Losing Tom Wright is huge and it's for all the wrong reasons! It could come back to bite the league in the backside depending on who replaces Tom. Hopefully we don't end up with a puppet who'll cater to the certain few who have their own agenda's!!

agreed. Tom did an amazing job with the league and the replacement will have a challenge following him. But cheers to tom and to the hopes of another good commisoner

Ditto football mad.

Tom always acted in the professional manner
of the true professional that he is

unlike some of the Board of Governors.


Braley had 'must act as a puppet of The Board of Governors'
written into the job description of CFL Commissioner years ago
with 7 of 9 BOGs [now 6 of 8] required to approve anything.

He will be truly missed.

Any one heard of potential candidates to replace him yet?

I wonder if they shoudn't just forget about hiring a commissioner and have a chairperson report on what the BoG wants. Maybe the model of having to have a commissioner for a pro sports league is really not required.

A commisioner has to be the "Non Partisan" leader. I would hate to see David Braley back doing it in the interum.

I'm really choked that nobodys been hired yet. Here it is February and still no one. I think there should have been someone in place January 1st. Now we've lost six weeks to search and sign corporate deals.

I go back to an old, old post. If the BOG's didn't have someone in place at the time to replace Tom Wright, they should have extended his contract. The BOG's thinking mystifies me!

If you can believe Stephen Brunt of the Globe and Mail (a noted CFL basher), the CFL apparently is not being looked at very seriously by the NFL because we don't have a commissioner.

So? What difference does it make how the NFL looks at the CFL? It's not like we're trying to get their approval, are we? So yeah, I don't know if I'll go with what Brunt has to say ...

Who cares if no commish is in place, I sure don't and any sports reporter who writes that this is a big issue is just writing to flame.

So you think leaving the 'goody two shoes' choir boys
like Robert Wetenhall, Dave Braley and Hugh Campbell
should be left to guard the henhouse, eh, Earl?

Salary ceiling?'s not a ceiling it's a floor!

Players raids by the AFL..the teams can deal with it.

TV contracts? Marketing? That's all done already.

There will be a new commish shortly ron. So the AFL has swiped a few players, big deal, there will be lots more from the US college football factory looking for work, everyone can be replaced.
Don't panic, yet. If in 3 months from now, a couple of months before the season starts, then yes, panic.

I still wished they would have had someone inplace at the start of the year.

rons right, Braley, Campbell and Wethenhaul guarding the hen house. (Shudders)

The rumour making the rounds a few months back was former HNIC John Shannon was high on the list.