so long shiv

so according to sportsnet the shivers era has ended. thought they would wait til the offseason myself.

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Wow, I really didn't see that coming, especially after a blow-out win led by the third-string quarterback.

A rumour is circluating that the Rider have fired both G.M. Roy Shivers, and coach Danny Barrett.

I'm trying to make contact with people close to this situation and I will try my best to find this out for you.

I am hearing that there was apparent fight in a boardroom meeting on Thurseday after a previous meeting a few days before. After the game there was a emergency meeting set for Monday morning, and apparently Roy Shivers made some comments that upset the board members.

more details to follow.

50% late again
50% baloney

....guess Roy will head to Vegas now....and carry on his career down there....Can Danny B. far behind.... :roll: :?

I don’t know why they would do this right after a win, unless Shivers ran his mouth off to the BOG again…

Now here is the question: Who replaces him (maybe McMahon can give us this inside scoop). Staff

8/21/2006 4:49:27 PM

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have released General Manger/Director of Football Operations Roy Shivers from his contract effective immediately.

"We would like to thank Roy for his contribution to this team over the last seven years," stated Riders President/CEO Jim Hopson. "His contributions to the organization and to the Saskatchewan community can not be understated, but we were faced with the decision to start planning for the future."

"At this point in the season our focus remains the same; hosting a home playoff game and competing for the Grey Cup. But, we also have to start making decisions in regards to next season such as re-signing players and working within the parameters of the new salary management system."

"Moving forward we felt this was the best decision for this organization. We will be making an announcement later this week on a new General Manager."

Roy Shivers was hired as the 13th Roughrider GM in modern history on December 24th, 1999 and leaves with a record of 52-64-1, including a 4-5 record this season. The Roughriders won their last game, 46-15, over Hamilton on Saturday.

Surprised to see him fired now, qhy not when they were losing?

...i don't like to say it.....But....sorry BigDave.....the Riders beat a hapless Ti-Cat team....(i know something we didn't do..last game) that didn't prove very much....but you'd think it would have been enough to keep Roy around ...and Danny.....guess the bog didn't see it that way...and now the 'poop' has hit the fan....look for some big changes in Riderville........looking at the bigger CFL picture...first a coach goes(Marshal) ......then an offensive coach (Austin)...and now a GM......I wonder, will they all land in Ottawa next year....hmmmmmm :roll: :?

maybe he said something after the win he shouldnt have or somethign

I think they will have danny barrett take over the reigns of Gm as well as head coach. He is already the assistant GM...

Talked to someone close to the situation and it isn’t pretty.

After the game Roy praised the players saying they should be happy to show appreciation of Danny and him, and praised the players efforts not allowing the board to get the wish of firing Danny Barrett.

Today the board heard of Roys comments and voted to fire him as they want to clean up the act of all of the football operation department.

I heard that players are upset, and a rumour circulated that if they fire Danny Barrett during the season and are still in playoff contention, some players told the board that they will walk out and not sign for next season and opt for free agency.

Roy Shivers will still get paid through the season.



Give it up will you!

Good point.

Also, if Barret goes to GM, would Cortez become the new coach next year?

Simply put, this is the result of personality conflict between Roy Shiver's and Jim Hopson.
The consumate football guy is fired and the ex-high school teacher is still here....

Only in Riderville....

Sporty, my vote goes to Cortez as the Head Coach.....

But Shivers has done squat the last two years to improve the team...(Okay the Ottawa dispersal draft...but...)

I dont care for shivers one way or the other, but I hope they are not too close to writing off Danny yet. I still think he can get the job done. I think he at least keeps the riders interesting.

He was good in Calgary as OC I think he would be the natural choice.

I'd stay clear of Austin. Didn't like him in Toronto, Didn't like him even as a player!