So long Joff!!!

End of an era. The all time Stamps rushing leader has been released. I know it happens to everyone eventually but its still sad to see. Joffrey was arguably one of the best to ever play the game. His durability was amazing, his play dazzling and even more impressive was his classy and ever so humble personality that made him not only a favorite in Calgary but throughout the CFL.

Best of luck Joffrey and Thank-You for wearing the Red & White!!!

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I was thinking about this before he was released, and i felt even after he became a backup he still had a chance... but then i looked at how many running backs (full backs and tail backs) were on the roster. Then the signed late draft pick Matt walter, i figured at that point the writing was on the wall. With that being said, my feeling is Walter will be backup to Cote, or on the practice roster. if he makes the team.

I will miss Joff. just seemed like he couldnt get his footing this past year. If no one picks him up, i would like to see Calgary do with him what Edmonton did with Mass. sign him to a one day contract, so he can retire a Stamp. With so many running backs out there already, and even Avon still waiting for an offer from someone, i just dont see him playing in the CFL again.