So long for the foreseeable future

I'll be taking a pretty extended hiatus from this board, date of return unknown. Over the past month or so, I've realized that posting here has become more draining and frustrating than it is rewarding; what used to be a harmless place to discuss football has become pretty toxic for me. There's too much mudslinging, too many ad hominem attacks arising simply because of a disagreement, and I'm tired of being targeted simply because I happen to disagree with someone on a given issue.

The forums are also very poorly moderated. I've been trolled, flamed, and verbally abused repeatedly by various members without a single repercussion or post being deleted. The moderators here don't actually moderate: they play favorites and have absolutely no ability to keep Cats fans from abusing other members all over the site, open forum or not. In one instance, a Cats fan made severely homophobic and transphobic comments as part of an attack on me; I reported the post to the moderator and nothing was done. At least one Cats fan was allowed to come into our forum and troll multiple Als fans without any consequences; again, no post deleted, no action taken. I'm not interested in being part of any community that treats me like a second-class citizen, so I'm stepping away. I'll still follow the Als, obviously, and I hope the season turns around, but for now, I am stepping away.

I know my departure will be cause for celebration for some members, which is fine. The people who run this board have created a posting environment that does not reward thoughtful, respectful debate. So they get exactly what they deserve.


I"ve been much less active this summer than in the past. I certainly get where your coming from. Catch you on the other side :thup:

For my two cents' worth, there have been several postings over the last two years that elicited harsh personal insults which created the trading of barbs between two or more posters. Over the last few weeks, there has been more evidence of same.

I quite agree that the mods don't appear to have been vigilant enough in at least posting warnings for all to see on this forum.

In the final analysis, this forum was created to have a little fun, and to create discussion about our favourite team. It is not real life. Some posters tend to overreact to certain postings and retaliate with personal attacks. That, IMO, is always out of line. All posters on this, and every other CFL forum, are allowed to express their view about all aspects of the CFL in general and the Als in particular.

For these reasons, I have not posted that much this season either. I hope that all posters will respect the very reasonable guidelines set forth, continue to post, and thereby create some enthusiasm about the game and team we love.

I agree d&p and you will be missed.
Forum Guidelines at the top of the Alouette Forum page; that moderator appears to be Billy_Soup not doing his job.

I'm sorry to see you go and hope that you wish to return quicker than you anticipate, especially this week as our two clubs face each other tomorrow afternoon. While a lack of deep football knowledge does not preclude someone from contributing to these forums in a positive way (qualities of enthusiasm, friendliness, old memories and humor are also greatly welcomed) I myself in particular do enjoy talk of x's and o's, depth charts and contracts with the group of us well versed in such topics. This particular group would be incomplete without you (and LeStaf, and depop, and Red&White (when he's around), beaglehound and a couple of others).

I do have to agree with you that the site is poorly modded (speaking as a long time mod myself on other forums) and have even openly told the mods so on more than one occasion. They let most personal attacks go completely unpunished while they delete, move and edit things once in a while that aren't nearly as offensive as most of the stuff let go. Personally I don't have a problem with stuff unmodded as I never feel like needing my hand held. If someone says crap about me, I know it's not true so I either ignore it or reply that it's not true. Furthermore, the mods NEVER document anything that they do. Just yesterday a thread in the TiCat forum that I had been having a decent discussion in simply vanished without a word. If there is a discipline log on this site I have no idea where to find it. Mods will edit posts without tagging them as 'edited'. This is a major no-no as it changes what people say. A mod has the power to make you or I say something completely different than what we actually said by editing our posts without at least tagging them as 'mod edited'. And they don't understand the responsibility that goes with the power of editing posts. And I do realize that they are all volunteers (which I appreciate) and I do understand that some get ZERO training, but when I bring the problem up all I get is condescension and get ganged up on by 4 or 5 mods having the back of the original mod that didn't know what the f they were doing in the first place.

Anyways, I understand where you're coming from but if you ever want to come back and discuss the details of how wind affects punting average, or how Toronto's offense attacks the entire field in both dimensions so well, or wtf happened to Khreem Smith this year, or how if Reilly or Collaros or Mitchell was their QB the Alouettes would be the best damn team in the league, come back soon. I know you want to. :wink:

[i]OHHHH D&P! Johnny understands your reasons. Them Ticat fans get away with murder on this site. They are a bunch of little whiny rascals and arrogant to boot!

Don't let those a$$clowns drive you away. Johnny suggests you take some advice from Al Swearengen. When things get rough, Johnny likes to put what Al says into practice![/i]

Recharge and return; I look forward to that date.

Thanks, guys. I'll see you down the road. :thup:

DP : I do hope that you will continue with this Forum. I have the greatest admiration for you. You are so very good at writing about how the Alouettes perform, who is the strongest player, what level skill players are attending to, what form our offense and defense should line up and,you are the best at focusing the team. You are great with the mechanics of the game. Buy this I mean you can draft up what should be the teams game plan, what offense structure should be in this plan, who should start, what might be the balance between running and passing, where the game should focus- in the passing game do we throw long or short passes, when should we use screen passes etc.In addition you also have the knowledge to formulate a good game plan for the defense. You well understand the X's and Os of football and, have the skill to write your thoughts to others. Please continue posting on this Forum

I know how you feel

D&P, sorry to hear this. I do realize why and respect your choice, but you are letting them win. :expressionless:

DP stepped away for a couple weeks, was tired of reading some of the nonsense.
But as mentioned by another poster walking away let's them win.
Your insight in the X and Os of the game is second to none.
Hope to see you back soon

DP, don't let a couple knuckleheads derail your well coined insight and long term investment in these forums.
in fact, I've always enjoyed your posts and cannot recall skipping past any one of them...and I'm a Cats fan.

anyway, never mind those saddle sores (crude posters) and get back on the horse tout suite soldier!

I miss the 13th. man.... This place should have never been created.

Voilà une nouvelle qui m'attriste beaucoup. Les commentaires avisés de notre ami D & P manqueront à tous ceux de ces forums qui sont bien intentionnés et qui apprécient avant tout d'échanger sur le football canadien.

Il est malheureux que ceux qui profitent de ces tribunes relativement anonymes pour invectiver les autres soient aussi peu encadrés, car ils peuvent décourager ceux qui préfèrent s'en tenir au football, ou remettre en question certaines idées préconçues. Le civisme et l'expertise quittent et l'arrogance demeure? Je crois qu'il y a assez de gens bien intentionnés qui écrivent sur ces forums pour penser que ce n'est pas le cas.

J'espère que notre ami D & P reviendra bientôt nous partager ses observations et états d'âme sur ce football que nous apprécions. J'espère que ce que nous avons en commun sera plus important que ce qui nous divise.

[i]Everyone knows D&P is taking a break because the Hamilton hooligans trolled him constantly. The worst one is canadianfootballfan. That guy insults fans of other teams and is tolerated by the mods.


That guy has issues... use to do the same thing under "anotherdork" and was banned from the Riders forum under "onemoredork".