So long, CFL Rosters on Madden...

I just bought a brand new Xbox 360, and opted for Madden 2007 as my first game. Man, I was so disappointed to see they took out a throng of features, including the create-a-team and the edit player ones.

Kiss the CFL goodbye in the new edition of the game. You are now forced to play with NFL teams and can't change squat (except by trading a player to another team).

So all those of you who enjoyed playing with recreated CFL teams on Madden should definately stick to their Madden 2005 game and MartyMix's rosters.

I tried them and that make the game really fun. I also brought the Madden picks up to date for the VGCC Insight challenge. You'll get the results with this week's thread.

Ok, I'm not a gamer but why would a newer version of a game not have all the features of an older one?

You've gotta be kidding me! This is a big shock for me too! DAMN, I was thinking of getting a 360 sometime to make the CFL rosters there for next year. This suks!
You can't even edit current players?

  • No create a team.

  • No player editing.

  • No position editing.

  • No Fantasy Draft.

  • No NFL Europe.

  • No owner mode.

  • Vastly reduced off-season (no moving, no coach hiring, no sponsorship, no nothing).

  • Number of Mini Camps went significantly down (from 10 to 5) and they are boring (bench press by moving the analog sticks up and down... run the 40 dash by moving the analog sticks up and down... DUH!)

  • No import / export team.

  • Very bizarre way of selecting plays.

  • Illisible text wherever there is text (newbies wouldn't understand plays in the playbook... Ingame clock so little apparent you get to miss the end of the half.

  • A bugged Hall of Fame feature (You can unlock Hall of Famers by increasing your playing time... But the unlocked stars instantly become available as Free Agents in your franchise mode. So every now and then, a new guy with 99 overall appears in the FA list... Re-DUH!)

  • The franchise mode is also bugged, which makes all the players awareness lower by 2 points at each progression.

  • The weirdess facts is something I was told, but could not verify by myself: Apparently, all the games versions do not include the same features. You will not get the same game whether you play on PC, Xbox, Xbox 360 or PS2.

It seems to me EA Sports became really lazy and decided to just skip any difficulty they encountered when making the game. "Hey, there's a bug in the Fantasy Draft on Xbox." - "Bah, just take the Fantasy Draft off the game. Bug solved."

I guess that's what happen when a game developer buys the exclusive rights from a professionnal league. No competition = no need to make it better.

Exactly. But EA does not provide answers to such questions.

ea does this every new system generation time...they rewind to the features they had 5 years ago, so when they add stuff that was in the game 4 years ago, u think your getting something new.

example...tiger woods '04 had 18 courses...xbox360 has 5 i when they add some more for a total of 12, u think its amazing.

I have a neighbour who is a VP at EA. If I get the chance, I'll ask him if he knows what's going on.

Thanks hwgill.

Wierd. I bought Madden 07 for PS2 and all the things you claim that are missing are still in mine. The only difference that I notice is that createtd teams' names have a max of 8 letters.. but otherwise it's the same.

Wierd. I bought Madden 07 for PS2 and all the things you claim that are missing are still in mine. The only difference that I notice is that createtd teams' names have a max of 8 letters.. but otherwise it's the same.

So that would mean it is true all versions are different. The Xbox 360 supposedly bring so many possibilities, you've gotta wonder why its Madden version would be so empty.

By the way, I was told the PS3 should come out at a retail price of 800$ ! Man, who has that money for just a console?


Hope that NBA will not suffer the same fate and be better with all the stuff Madden had and more.

You could create the players and just fill the nfl teams with the players. Of course with the new mini game feture to determin how good the player is it would take a hell of a long time.

(I have Madden 07 for 360 if anyone wants to play a game.)

Actually, there’s 2 versions of the PS3 coming out. One has a 20GB hard drive, but no memory card/stick slots; the other (and more likely, the one that’ll set you back 8 “Brown Bordens”) has a 60 GB hard drive and memory stick slots to save your progress.

That's retarded. I really truly hate EA. I used to play NFL2K games until EA stole all the liscencing.. then I was pretty well forced to switch to Madden for 2006. I'm very happy with 2006, in which I'm in my third franchise year with the Stamps, and the only bug I've noticed is if you play in career mode, your stamina will decrease every year depending on what it was at the end of the Superbowl game (so if you just played a particularly tiring drive, you'll start the next year with next to no stamina).

I will surely not be buying 2007 if it doesn't have all the features you listed. At least NHL2K7 will be out soon and I'll have one sports game with everything I want in it.

NHL2K doesn't let you create your own teams.

let me guess, the 1st one doesn't let you play PS2 and 1 games on it, and the latter does, correct? :roll:

You should also ask him why they don't start encorporating CFL teams on Madden, or just make a seperate CFL game.

As far as I know of, both renditions of the PS3 are backwards compatible, so you'll be able to pop in your copy of "Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude" and wonder to yourself, "Dang! That 'Porn Fairy' looks an awful lot like Ron Jeremy." :lol:

But the big reason why the PS3 will cost so much is because I believe it will support that "Blu-Ray" HD DVD technology.

Maybe the PS3 comes with a dog...

... or maybe... the Ricky-Ray HD thing you said...

Xbox 360 is HDTV ready... is that the same thing?