So it's Nov. 12...

...and I STILL haven't received my Grey Cup tickets from Ticketmaster. Their website say to not even bother to call them until three days before the event, but I'll be travelling at that time. :cry:

Is there anybody else who hasn't got theirs yet?

I'm not really sure what to do. Flights are booked so I can't cancel. I have tickets to other events that are paid for and delivered, but I won't be able to use without my GC tickets.

Call them anyways're in california right?...something must've gone wrong, mail-wise...skip ticketmaster, I would contact the eskimo head office itself, relay on your problem and see if someone there (boots-on-the-ground so to speak) can help you out....

I agree. Call the office, they should be able to help.
Also, if you don't receive them before leaving California, they'll re-print them for you. It just won't be the special ticket.
The old barcode will be invalid.

Thanks guys I will try calling the office. I really hope they can fix me up.

wow, big trip...have a blast! and yeah, I know they will help you, especially because you are traveling so far. I had the same thing issues.

Did you find out about your tickets yet? I got mine a few weeks ago. Id be nervous..

Any joy with that? I hope you get it sorted out, and soon!

Marie Scott at the Ticket Office got me all sorted out and I now have my tickets!

Thanks for the advice! Yay!

Pretty nice tickets!

Glad you got them! :thup: