So is Tee the answer???

Wasnt able to watch the game, but have it taped. Obviously Tee
andf the boys werent great, but how bad were they.

Howd my ex stamps look in blue??? Maybe there was no winner in that
trade last yr. :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol: :wink:

The Esks D-line was sacktastic!

Ray was amazing as per usual.

Tee may be good after 3-4 more games. He looked better then Glenn did last week.

Bombers were a different team then the one that played Sask last week. The defense actually showed some intensity.

Not enough to take down the MIGHTY ESKIMO’S!!!

Spurgeon Wynn…

…I’m still not impressed with the Edmonton O line, Ray ain’t gonna last for long behind tissue paper…

…but I digress, this string is about Tee…who, in the limited time I saw him (family committments) looked not bad…

Early on his numbers looked terrible, but in all fairness there were a number of passes he delivered on the money that the receivers just dropped. Reminds me of the Cats’ offence a couple of years ago.

But as time went on he looked a lot better. Even after throwing the interception he came back in and kept throwing with some confidence. He’s going to be good if he continues to get a chance. They’ve got to be patient, and not make a whole bunch of changes every week in an attempt to win the Grey Cup, but rather stick with the guys they can build a team around for next year.

And I’m speaking as someone who until today had never seen him play, and thought that he was probably highly overrated.

I thought he looked very average…

But the whole Winnipeg offense looked pretty abysmal, so it’s really hard to tell if this guy has the goods or not.

I was at the game and he played an alright game, considering it was his first CFL start. There were a lot of overthrown balls though, a couple off into the sidelines. Seems to me that he had some “rookie nerves”. All his mistakes are things he’ll learn with experience. Maybe if he starts a few more he’ll be a solid starter for this team. He needs an O-line to play behind though… And the other trick is staying the starter in Winnipeg, we’re bloody impatient when it comes to our quarterbacks.

By the way, yeah, Ray needs an O-line too. The guy’s not the greatest passer when he’s pushed out of the pocket.

Yeah, the Esks O-line was pretty sketchy to begin with, but then they ran into injury trouble in the preseason and game 1…

Seconded. The BB’s have absolutely nothing to lose. Daley better watch his back on the decisions he makes from here.

if he could have hit even one of those long passes, the game may have changed, but he was really off on pretty much all of the long bombs, when guys were open.

I still don’t know why this guy is # 2 and Winn is #3. It would seem to me that you would want a guy with CFL experience to start the game, this guy is not a rookie he has 2 or 3 yrs as a pro, with that in mind I would think, he’s one of two things… a slow learner… or just not a very good QB.

Based on the preseason performance of all the bomber qbs, Wynn and Glenn played about the same, which is to say they could not move the offense. Martin was injured and only played briefly in the second half of the Edm game in Wpg. He moved the team but no tds. This decision should be a no brainer for Daly, which is what I am starting to think occupies the space between his ears. Michna was by far the best bomber qb in preseason, engineering the long drives that ended in points both in Edm and at home in Wpg. Perhaps Wynn or Martin or even Glenn will be good qbs next season, but we didnt buy season tickets for next season, we bought them NOW and expect the team to do what ever it has to NOW to try to win a few games. Big Dave noted the similarities between the bombers now and his Cats of a couple seasons ago, I dont want to see another 1 - 17 season for any team in the league. Besides the Cats had good reason for that record, bankrupt, owners ran out, Wpg has no excuses.

Martin didn’t look any better then Glenn. I would go with Wynn for next game and if he is no better, then the revolving door should continue by trying out Michna. Unfortunately thats what happens when a team does not have a truly established first stringer.

I really don’t care. If there’s no starting QB, the BB’s only accomplished 107 yards passing in their last game. Enough said. No encouraging words coming from this end of the spectrum… Daley has no explianing to do. I’m not going to bother with this coach’s lack of better “philosophy”, because I’m not listening to his crap. I’m taking the BB’s in stride now, DOWN WITH THE SHIP I SAY. HAR HAR.

DALEY YOU SUCK!!!111111111111

Not that I was ever really impressed with Khari Jones… but would they ever want him back in Winnipeg?

Because we’d have to pay him less-than-half of what we did after he left.

I think the play most called in the Eskimoe’s defensive huddle was “Lets meet at the Tee party.” He’ll get better with a few games. He pretty much ran for his life a lot of times. I liked him better than Glenn, for sure.

Many of you will disagree with me on this one, but in my opinion they should try and hang in there for 3-4 more games and wait for an eastern QB to go down, and try and swing a trade for a good O linemen. Get rid of two of their QB’s for two good O linemen. That’s how bad our O line is, which in my opinion is the main cause of our plethora of problems on offense.

You’re right brewbomber. A team can have 10 quarterbacks, but without an o-line they can all be pretty ordinary.