So, is Rogers Communications cheering for tbe Argos or not?

The problem for Rogers is that since the CFL is exclusively TSN-based, seriously promoting the CFL is the equivalent of promoting the competition in a market where Rogers is already #2 behind TSN. That doesn't give them a lot of incentive to do it. Just like the Jays profile on TSN's other shows was higher when TSN showed Jays games, though Rogers is more brazen about it.

You won't really see it change unless the market shifts enough that Rogers hasn't got a choice (because their viewers demand it) or if the TV rights are split up. A game a week on The Score (now Rogers owned) would change the tone real fast.

That's the single biggest incentive to try and get to 10 teams IMO. That 5th game a week can be put on another network and would have huge benefits.

The Bills game in December will be like a second Grey Cup event at the Rogers Centre.

Well, I guess you don't understand the Grey Cup or any championship game in any sport/league, amateur or pro. Nothing can beat a championship game and I'm talking with how we see players react. Meaning even if a Bills game had a packed house, the players wouldn't be at the same excitement level as what we'll see Sunday when one team wins the championship. It's not a hard concept. Most fans would probably understand that as well, unless they are daft. 8) An NFL ticket to me is no more expensive seat per seat than a CFL ticket as well for a regular season game and actually, for me, I'd pay more for a CFL ticket.

Rogers should buy the Argos when they come up for sale and have exclusive rights to their TV broadcasts. Not expensive for them to buy the Argos and might even bring some people like myself into the foray to follow the Jays a bit. The more Rogers buys into the CFL, the more I might buy into the Jays. Sounds odd to some but that's my thinking.

Yea, I was being sarcastic with my Rogers rant. Rogers would never buy into the CFL, just no money to be made there.

Rogers wont buy into the CFL, Rogers is more accustomed to losing money with their football ventures.

That is very true. The Argos getting the Rogers Centre for free any team should be so lucky. Owner David Braley has accepted that Rogers Centre deal is a pretty good one and both his teams, BC and Toronto, play in the best venues in Canada, and is promoting the Argos as a football team and not a stadium. The Argos will not be going anywhere soon and who can blame the owner free rent in a venue with a retractable dome.

You really hit the nail on the head. Rogers is a business and they have no ties to the CFL as TSN currently owns all TV rights yet they still allow the Argos to use Rogers Centre free of charge.
Rogers is interested in the rights to televise one CFL game per week with the addition of the score. For the right price it will be something for the CFL to consider. With only 4 games per week it makes it tight. Thats why it is so important to get a 10th franchise giving the CFL 5 games per week without cutting any of the TSN programming. If Rogers gets involved with the CFL with television it could lead to other things like building a stadium in Halifax for a CFL franchise and/or get involved with owning a CFL team. Rogers is a business and if they see that the CFL can make them money they will get involved.
As has been mentioned a lot of people forget that they do not charge the Argos for the use of Rogers Centre.
The Atlantic Region is wide open right now to develop pro sports. Junior Hockey took off once the Mooseheads of Halifax joined the Quebec Junior conference and now the Atlantic Region has its own division of teams within the conference.
The NBL of Canada has chose the Atlantic region for a 4 team division in the new pro basketball team thanks to all of the venues that were built for hockey. Would it not be something if Rogers ceases the chance to begin to develop pro sports in the region with building and owning a CFL stadium and team.

I agree, win or lose on Sunday I think the Grey Cup this weekend has surpassed everyones expectations, just walking around downtown Toronto and seeing the CFL fans from all over Canada in the city is nice to see. People need to put the NFL to rest in Toronto. We have our football team and it's the Argonauts. One of North America's oldest pro sports franchises, lots of history with a bright future. If the Argos walk away Sunday with the Grey Cup it's going to be the shot in the arm that this franchise needs.


that's because it's not true.

i don't know how many times i've posted articles with quotes from previous argos president, saying this is not true.
( i'm not going to post it again ).

i'm rather tired of posting quotes and articles dispelling false-information ( cough, mikem, cough ) only to have the same posters continue spouting off the same misinformation a couple of days later.

i have no patience for stupidity.

oh i have been misinformed could you provide me with the information of what there stadium lease is with Rogers Centre. I would sure appreciate it.

I have heard that it is not true and i have heard that it is very little but no one can give me a defefinate answer. Since you seem to know perhaps you can give me the info I have been long seeking

Just post your link to where they do NOT get free rent and put the issue to bed.

Here is a CBC article that quotes the Argos getting free rent to stay at the Rogers Centre. I always back up with links

[url=] ... 50422.html[/url]

What if the new deal at Rogers gives them "free" rent in lieu of ticket surchages? If the new deal is say $2 per ticket to Rogers instead of $40,000 per game in rent. Is that free rent? yes or no?

it was in 2005 haha,

Well for me this is a non issue as the information from one of the articles does say that the Argos pay a relatively small rent. So as it may not be free i take it as a sweetheart of a deal in efforts to keep the Argos at Rogers Centre.
So I will rephrase my post.
People forget that Rogers Center Charges a relatively small rent for the Argos to play there. It also appears that Rogers will not be installing natural grass as the cost was more than they thought it would be.
To add to my post that it may not be the stadium but the state of the team. Now that the Argos appear to be on a solid track of success over the next 5 yrs at least with Ray at QB and the Blue Jays making the Block buster Trade in Baseball this year. Fans may actualy come out to see the team and not the stadium. :smiley:

The article above was written in 2005, when the current ownership sold the team they didnt renew the lease agreement. New owner Brailey was left to make a new lease with Rogers. Many media thought after the comments made about the Jays going to grass would kick out the Argos as tenants. Since those comments a new lease agreement was made this year between the Argos and Rogers. So the above article is void.

It was reported the previous Argo owners had an attendance clause which would lower or waive the stadium rental fee if 30,000 or 35,000 fans were reached. (With Rogers taking the lions share of concession revenue.) It was also reported in a more recent article that the Argos pay the highest stadium fee in the CFL. Both could be true. But I would highly doubt the Argos get free rent at Skydome.

With regards to their purchase, the Argos just wouldn’t fit in with Rogers’ losing hand in sports franchises. The Argos Chris Rudge said the Argos will turn a $12 million profit on the 100th Grey Cup, according to Bob McCown today.

In contrast, the Blue Jays were reportedly losing $50 million a season when Rogers bought the franchise, vowing to cut the losses to $30 million (by cutting player payroll, which they did). In recent years the Jays have increased their payroll again and we can assume they are losing money heavily. We don’t know how much SportsNet really pays Rogers for the Jays TV rights. But they have little choice as all the other networks dropped them. A survey published last year showed that the average age of a Jays fan was 74 yrs old! (and guess what’s happening to that fan base :wink: )

The massive financial losses Rogers has incurred with the Bills in Toronto series have been well documented. Rogers agreed to pay $9.75 million for each of 3 Bills preseason games. Ralph Wilson must have done a little tap dance when he got that deal! Despite ticket prices being lowered in each and every year of the Bills series (5 times), sales have been so slow the NFL was forced to move the this year’s game out of Toronto to avoid embarrassment. :roll:

i posted the link in a previous conversation with you about this topic. you replied after reading the article, yet, you continue to post that the argos are rent-free. so, NO, it wont put the issue to bed.
just like you keep saying the bills in toronto was a success, you are dense.

It doesn't actually matter how much Sportsnet pays, since except for whatever cut of the regional rights goes to MLB, the rest of it is just Rogers moving money from one division to another. In effect the Jays are nearly free content for Sportsnet, and a LOT of it.

That's the reason Rogers can afford to increase payroll despite losing money on the team: an improved on field product increases interest and boots the ratings on Sportsnet, which makes it back. It's a pretty sound business, and last year was showing signs of paying off before a bad run of injuries derailed the season.

Someone mentioned to me Rogers took a full page ad in the newspaper, forget which one he mentioned, wishing luck to the Argos. Good on Rogers to do that. :thup:

from my limited perspective... The fan 960, calgary's sports radio station is owned by Rogers... THey have given the CFL awesome coverage over the last few years. Hockey is always the main focus, but CFL coverage is second, and its always quite good. just my two cents on rogers.

At the skydome for the game yesterday, i noticed the souvenir stores had extremely low stock of argos stuff, yet, lots of blue jays stuff and buffalo bills stuff.

How do they not stock up on argos stuff knowing there will be 52,000 people looking for souvenirs?

I Suggest they did it on purpose so people from out of town have to buy jays stuff as a souvenir.
Also, they turned the speakers off in the 200 level. I can tell u, those speakers work for jays games.

Screw rogers. Smile in your face while looking to stab you in the back.