So, is Rogers Communications cheering for tbe Argos or not?

Fair question, wouldn't you say? :wink:

If they make money off the Argos I'd say it's fairly important.

Rogers hopes the Argos would disappear.

One word...................NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

two words - who cares

If there’s money to be made yes, but in the eyes of Rogers there’s more money to be made in the NFL, so they will gladly take in anything the Argos bring, but they will always invest in the Bills.

Agree, it’s all about money really. I think the money they are spending for the team they own, the Jays, is about getting a better base of season ticket holders back which the team has lost over the years from the days when the RC was getting close to 46-50 thousand for every game. They’d love to get back to those days now that they own the team. Money in the bank.

If there was money to be made from the Argos, they’d be interested in buying one has to think.

I'm sure Rogers is making a lot of money from the GC, the rent plus concessions, advertising etc
But you are right they could make a lot more money from the NFL. Torontonians are willing to pay the big bucks to watch NFL football, there is no way that fans in Buffalo would pay $150 average to watch the Bills.

You have to remember mike that a certain portion of people attending Bills games in Toronto are not from Toronto but from the US - Western New York area. It's not Torontonians. My guess is that percentage is paying the big bucks while most Torontonians have found ways to get the tickets much, much cheaper and even give aways in many or at least in some cases.

NO WAY!!!, have you heard their sports people on Rogers Fan 590. The morning guy (Greg Brady) does not believe the CFL tv numbers and said there is no way the Argos beat the Raptors in TV ratings. Which they do by 5 times. Bobcat has now gone from a fair reporter on the CFL to hating it (ever since the Argos signed their exclusive deal with 1050 Radio) and as now said the Argos are irrelevant in T.O and winning the Grey cup won't matter. Also said the Argos had crowds of under 10,000 all year (he never went to any games mind you) and that NO ONE will EVER buy the Argos again. Jeff Blair has gone on record that the CFL and the Argos have fixed the Grey Cup, which started back with the Ricky Ray trade (he's not kidding) Damian Cox's tweeted within 2 mins of the Argo win, about the Grey Cup being called the Braily Bowl. So again the answer is NO

The media are what they are maybe at the moment Raptors are more popular than the Argos in T.O, across the country I can say they are not, so the TV numbers are right. I know lots of Canadians that love NBA, but don't follow the Raptors. Regardless how good the Grey Cup is the T.O media will burn it up as a waste of time. I don't care I don't choose what to follow because of what some guy on the radio or TV tells me whats good, or Id be in the theatre watching Twilight right now.

I couldn't believe it while flipping stations I did hear McCown spew this nonsense to the other CFL hater, Stephen Brunt.

Who Cares, Rogers is a bunch of idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its not about Rogers but since we are talking about the fading Argo market its a good read

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Actually, I think Rogers is rather worried right now. I'm pretty sure they were not expecting the Argos to be in the game and now they are sitting back watching all the hype and excitement they wanted for them selves going to the Argos and the CFL. And if the Argos do win on Sunday, there will be no way they will be able to generate the level of buzz they wanted for their piddly little football game with some team from Buffalo just two weeks after the Grey Cup. It could be the biggest non event in Toronto this year.

I think it would be great if the stamps horse too a big dump in rogers foyeroffice.

Now Rogers is spewing lies that the CFL fixed the playoffs so Toronto would be in the Grey Cup. Sounds like jealousy to me that the Argos are the only sports team in Toronto that make the play-offs. Tsk tsk tsk Rogers, the green-eyed monster has caught up to you!!!!!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

link? quote? something?

Well maybe there shoud be more grey cups in Toronto and for that matter BC Place, and even Montreal. By far they are the three biggest metro cites in Canada and they are the only 3 that have enclosed venues which makes for much better game with players not playing in conditions such as the west semis in Calgary.
Toronto 2012
SASK 2013
Montreal 2014
winnipeg 2015
BC 2016
Hamilton 2017
Ottawa 2018
(two years in a row outdoors do to the new venues)
toronto 2019
SASK 2020
Montreal 2021
edmonton 2022
bc 2023
calgary 2024
Toronto 2025

Toronto is the biggest media market in Canada by far so having more grey cups in the City will bring more attention to the team. Even though Hamilton is building a new stadium they could be the host of the grey cup and play at Rogers centre

The championship game in a major league sport in the 21st century needs to play at a venue where the game will not be affected by the elements and the fans don't get frost bite.

I think Torontonians should be thanking Rogers. They are big supporters of football, they let the Argos play for free and they bring in the NFL every year. The Bills game in December will be like a second Grey Cup event at the Rogers Centre. The Argos wouldn't survive without Rogers. Rogers has decided not to config the Rogers Centre to a permanent baseball configuration for the baseball season, that would have prevented the Argos from playing there starting next season. That's a big break for the Argos!
Rogers owns the Jays and the Leafs and since taking over ownership both teams have been winners!! Ed Rogers has become one of the few Canadian Billionaires, there are only 5 Billionaires in Canada. :thup:
They are a great Canadian company, and with all the competition in the cable business they manage to keep their costs lower than the competition, that is one reason why most Canadians choose Rogers as their cable provider :thup: