So is Hank starting or what?

No word anywhere that I could find on his status for Friday. The Stamps site is conspicuously silent, the Stamps message board here makes a ghost town feel crowded, and, of course, the main board only gets updated once a month, whether it's needed or not.

Is Hank gonna suck it up and go, or are we on the cusp of the Barrick Nealy era in Cowtown?

Weird. You can say "shitting", but you can't say "s-uck".

Nice filtering system. official word yet here in cowtown either AL...I heard Hank on the radio yesterday saying he was fine and fully expected to play, but that Huf/Cortez had not told him so...all expectation is that Burris starts and Nealy is #2...Sankey is on his way up from the U.S. but won't arrive ready to play for Friday....

Did I miss something?

What is Dickenson doing while all these QBs are wondering who is starting?

...taking tylenol and resting I hope...

Dickenson has a concussion I think. Am I right?

...not really a concussion, but he took himself out of the game Monday when he began to experience concussion-related symptoms after a seemingly normal hit from a defensive player...dizziness, head pain, etc....

...yesterday Huf, having been advised by the team doctor and after speaking to DD, placed Dave on the 9 game IR list...

That would pretty well be the end of his career don’t you think? Didn’t the doctors warn him last year about continuing to play after having had so many concussions. It’s one thing to be gutsy and play through injury but for him to come back after another concussion type injury would be foolhardy no to mention suicidal.

It would appear that even strenuous physical activity and/or mild contact can bring on these symptoms, which means the end of the line.

While it is most unfortunate for a good career to be cut short this way, I will suggest that the manner in which it occurred was probably a good thing, because he found out in the most gentle way possible. There'd have been big trouble if he didn't notice any symptoms, or it was his second play or something and someone got a clean shot and drilled him in the ear-hole - that could have been a bad scene....

Sankey is here yesterday (wednesday). But Nealy has had the practice so he will be in back up role this friday. But hat will change after the game Friday.

Hanks says he's "good to go Friday, but with limited mobility."

Maybe Joffrey will finally get more touches.