So, in retrospect?

Lions fans,

What all are you thinking that might help explain why the Lions did so poorly this past season?

QB issues?
The O-line being out muscled?
Poor receivers?
No ground game?
Kick returns?
All of the above?
None of the above?
Just lousy luck?

I was taking a look at the 11 games the Lions lost. In total the Lions scored 225 points during those games. That works out to an average of 21 points a game. That is not too shabby.... BUT.... they gave up 342 points during those games. That works out to about 31 points a game. A difference of a TD + FG.

Of the 11 games the Lions lost they lost 7 of those games by a margin of a TD or less.

Perhaps what all this means is that the Lions are closer to getting into the playoffs than first thought. At least mathematically.

The fact is they did not make the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. It sure was not a nice feeling being left out in the cold like that but such is life.

What do the Lions need to do to have a legitimate chance at making the playoffs next year?

Where are the weak areas?

I think one of the main problems was team chemistry. They just didn't have it.

Jennings sub par performance along with inadequate offensive line and play calling is also a big part

So there is life on this forum. Come on FootbalYouBet.... how can we ignite this forum and get our Lions fans "roaring" again. It's like walking through a cemetery.

well, I usually talk lions on lionbackers.

I imagine some of the other teams also have other more popular team sites.

I think getting more postings here is probably like trying to get fans to argo games.

One can only hope

Les blessures?

one glaring issue is complete failure to use Williams right.

unfortunately, Montreal may show the lions how it should have been done. I hope not.

Not a bad idea to reunite Williams with Ernest Jackson. Two guys looking for redemption that know how to play together.

Good trade for both teams.

I would rather the lions had traded for a top o-lineman

I agree FootbalYouBet. The achilles heel for the Lions has been their O-linemen. Not enough protection for the QB. Without a potent threat it really limits the QB’s options. And if he is forced to resort to the passing game he simply has to have the pass protection to successfully execute the plays.

A team can have the strongest D in the league but if they’re unable to put points up on the board it doesn’t mean a whole lot.