So if you want to see a Cowboys game...

.. in the luxury boxes of the new stadium.. bring your wallet and make sure you have plenty in your bank account...

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90 bones for a pizza, yikes!!!!!!

The Cowboys claimed the prices in that report was exaggerated and that the pizza will ONLY COST YOU $60. :lol: Then again you could always get the 12 pack of non-imported beer for about $70. :lol: :lol: Now, is that BEFORE taxes and surcharges, etc etc? I guess if you have the $800,000 for the price to lease the suite each year (and that DOESN'T include game tickets btw), you can afford $90 pizza. :cowboy:

The big 400ft. TV screen could be a problem. It is only 100 ft. off the playing surface, and already, kickers have hit the bottom of it-- I would say that needs to be addressed.

A friend of mine and her husband went with another couple to the opening game at Cowboys Stadium. "Fantastic place" she gushed. "110,000 people, great party zone", yadda yadda yadda. "How was the game?" I asked. "Didn't see much of it." She replied."No one was watching. You don't go to a Cowboys game to watch football, you go for the experience." (They go to a couple every year).

The NFL experience, exactly why if I was going to bring my wife to an NFL game, I'd go to a game in the States rather than a Bills tilt at the Rogers Centre, the "NFL experience" is something that only can be had in the US. I think Phil Lind and his buddies are starting to realize this.