So if you clean house, who do you bring in.

Callers to the 900 CHML 5th quarter are talking about cleaning house.
New coach and staff.
New QB, new GM, new this new that.

My question is, Who do you bring in?

I agree, there's nobody out there to replace what we have now.

You replace O'Billovich with Joe Womack.
Marcel? with who? O'Shea? Chamblin? all guys who have no head coaching experience...

Khari Jones?

Kevin Glenn? with Henry Burris? Casey Printers? (lol), Quintin Porter? Boltus? we replace with any of these guys we'll still be in the same position.

Its easy for all of us fans to say we need to clean house, this team sucks, blah blah, but who do you replace these men with??

last year the bombers were 4 and 12... this year they turned it around...
we have been chasing our tails like cats for the last four years..

I think the immediate "star" candidate re any head coaching change would be Scott Milanovich, OC in Montreal. Tim Burke, DC of Winnipeg, might also get consideration. I think the way the team tanked today is indicative of a broader malaise that many fans have identified on these boards for some time. Marcel may or may not survive that kind of review. Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,


G.M. Mike McCarthy Coach Scott milanovich

Without the little black book of GM's ... I say Roy Shivers is a candidate. Like Tillman, he has an eye for talent, and a solid connection to US football channels.

With a team such as ours, that is young ... a veteran QB like Henry Burris may be just the tonic.

As far as coaching ... where is Danny Barret these days ? Scott Milanovich, perhaps ? It must be somone with CFl experience and a proven ability to win, period.

Having said all of that ... and against all my better judgment ... Stefan Ptaszek is a proven winner on every level of football he has ever been involved in. With the right staff around him he may be the man to bring the Grey Cup to Hamilton. The man knows Canadian football as well as any human on the planet ... add to that he is a solid, respectable man - and we may have the makings of a great Canadian story.

Should point out that they didn't clean house, it's essentially the same team this year as last...

Hopefully someone who has a clue about CFL football. The old boys club does not work, Glenn and Jones. Chamblins defence absolutley sucked all year. As much as I loath Mike O'Shae ............give him a chance, he has more football knowledge than any of the clowns we have currenlty on our payroll.

but at the same time, the BB's also lost what, 11 games by less than 7 points last year.

They were one of the few teams you could actually say were better than their record indicated.

And this year....their record flatters the team they have

The 2nd half of the season was a true indication of the Blue Bummers

HalftheDistance wrote: And this year....their record flatters the team they have
perhaps...although you cannot argue that they deserve to advance to the Grey Cup.

I love my Cats, but the best team won today.

Who is Stefan Pfaszek?

You're wrong.. I can argue they "deserve" to be there... they didn't win today... for the 3rd time this year, we shat the bed in a game against them.. we PUT them in the Grey Cup!

Injuries and an inept backup QB and some REAL stupid decisions sealed our fate!!!

Ptazsek is Mac's head coach.

Trade Glenn & Baggs to Sask. for Durant & Fantuz. Except I think Fantuz may be a FA.

Would be GREAT IDEA.. If not see if get Tressman from Montreal

I thought rookie coaches were frowned upon by you??????

You are a friggen hypocrite!!

Do you ACTUALLY think SSK would make that deal???????????/??//////???????????

Wow.... for a football fan, your thinking is real sub par!

Both of you!!

You're over the top here. I wasn't endorsing Ptaszek as head coach, merely answering someone else who asked who he is. And yes, I wouldn't be surprised if Sask makes that deal, they weren't happy when Baggs signed here. You can't get someone good without giving up someone good. Since you don't get that, I'd say YOUR thinking is sub par! The proof is in your sig pic. :roll:

Cartman " A few years ago your team took a chance and gave the head coaching job to the coach at McMaster ( forgot his name). He had a good season but after that he was gone. He now coaches at Western.

His name was Greg Marshall. And see my post above, I don't think Ptaszek would be the first choice. For me, it would be Milanovich, possibly Dickenson.