so, if Vancouver in 2011.. where does Regina Sit?

Well, that settles it... back-to-back Grey Cups in Regina. That may be the only thing that'll satify cflisthebest. :smiley:

Yes. As long as you and RW agree here and now that they'll be the best two Grey Cups ever!

ok.. come on now! :wink:

In the article announcing the 2011 game in Vancouver, it said they won't be playing the game in Sask, Wpg or Ham again until they upgrade their facilities. The 2012 game, which will be the 102nd Anniversary of the Grey Cup, will be played in Toronto.

Really... can you post a link to the article that has that statement in it?

...Asper reassured fans, in todays Free Press, , that the Bombers will be in their new facility by 2011...He was being questioned about the state of his financial empire, during this economic turn down and he was adamant that this project will go ahead...He has been quoted as saying that this venture was never dependent on CanWest being is attached to Crestwin enterprises which is a separate entity....Those holdings are doing quite well....In any event's 'when' not' if '...this project gets the go-ahead....i'm sure he'll be pressing for a Cup game, shortly after the completion of the new stadium... :thup:

If it does go to Toronto in 2012, I'll skip it. The GC there last time was poor. I've been to 8 of them by now and the 2007 Toronto one wasn't nearly as good as the rest. I'd MUCH rather go to Regina regardless of the stadium.

The rumour in the league office has been for sometime that there was to be a 5 team rotation. I'll let people guess which 5....

that's crap.

Its kind of funny that the speculation continues on the location of the 100th Grey Cup game, despite what DG pointed below. Toronto was awarded the '07 and and 2012 Cups at the same time. End of discussion.

And while we're at it, the Riders 100th anniversary is 2010, not 2012, and that Grey Cup game has been awarded to Edmonton. Saskatchewan had its hands full in 2010 with the World Junior hockey tournament and declined to bid on the game.

A rumour is speculation, so lets have some tangible evidence that a 5 team rotation is in fact the

I don’t know about a 5 team rotation, but it’s probably not that much of a stretch to say that Regina, Winnipeg and Hamilton need to upgrade their stadiums before getting the game again. I think Bob Young has already said he’s not going for the game until the stadium is in better shape in Hamilton. Winnipeg claims to be getting a new stadium in 2011. And, I keep hearing that Taylor Field needs upgrades. I wouldn’t blame the League from having the game elsewhere until the facilities improve, especially considering Winnipeg is planning to get a new stadium soon, and Hamilton may end up getting the Pan Am (?) games for 2015 (which would likely lead to an improved stadium).

Consider the waiting times between Grey Cups as of now:

Montreal: At least 5 years (2008-13) or 7+ years (2008-?)
Toronto: 5 years (2007-12), but 15 years before that (1992-07)
Vancouver: 6 years (2005-11)
Winnipeg: At least 7 years (2006-13) or 9+ years (8 years between 1998-06)
Edmonton: 8 years (2002-10)
Calgary: 9 years (2000-09)
Regina: At least 10 years (2003-13) or 12+ years (8 years between 1995-03)
Ottawa: 10 years (2004-14), assuming all goes well
Hamilton: At least 17 years (1996-13) or 19+ years

[url=] ... egina.aspx[/url]
I chatted with Jim Hopson today about the Grey Cup game and when we might see another one in Regina.

As you probably guessed, any decision on that hinges on what takes place with Mosiac Stadium.

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“In today’s modern Grey Cup you need a facility,? said Cohon.
Cohon must have been asleep in '95 when Saskatchewan injected a little bit of party back into the Cup.

But ... I have to say, a 50,000 person party in a 200,000 person city makes for a hell of an event.

Here are some of the direct quotes from the previously mentioned Globe & Mail article:

"Both Hamilton and Regina have voluntarily removed themselves from the Grey Cup queue, at least temporarily, and both teams cite stadium proposals."

Riders President Jim Hopson on the Riders chances of hosting another Grey Cup:

"In Regina, Saskatchewan Roughriders president Jim Hopson said that scarce hotel rooms should no longer be an issue for visitors, as became clear at the 2003 Grey Cup, but that having to import 20,000 temporary seats and other facilities cost the club nearly $2-million last time.

"It really erodes the profit and, let's be honest, it's really a hassle," Hopson said, adding that spectator experience would be better in permanent seats."

"Hopson said the team would bid for future Grey Cups, which cost between $3.5-million and $4-million to purchase from the league, should the proposals not go ahead, but will stand pat until then. "