so, if Vancouver in 2011.. where does Regina Sit?

I am hearing that the Roughriders are making a hard push to host the 100th game in their home town..

but it's too far ahead to make any major selection!

I personally think that it should be shared around the league and you should not host it twice until everyone has hosted it at least once first. of course unless, like Hamilton they say no because of their stadium.

I wanna see it in Regina.. afterall, the leagues best fans and craziest team should host it.

they'd probably throw a much better party than Toronto!

I believe that Regina sits in Saskatchewan.

She sits on her ass. In England.

ya I know Regina is in Saskatchewan..

what does that have to do with my topic?

...this angle that Saskatchewan should host the GC because 'we have the best fans' is crap...ALL cfl fans are great, no one clan is better than another...besides, there's no guarentee the Riders make it to the GC anyways so what does your opinion that you cheer for the 'craziest' team have to do with anything?...wth defines the 'craziest' team anyway and exactly how is this an important GC selection criteria?....

...the GC is awarded to those franchises who are best able to promote and carry out a grand event in the timeframe provided...there is no quota rule that should be observed imo...that doesn't mean I don't think the GC should be shared around the league, it HAS to, but not in some manner that Team A should get it before Team B because Team B has hosted it more times that Team A...

...sorry, this thread is an extension of your comment in the other thread cflisthebest and comes across as so much whining, go get some cheese...the 100th GC goes to the Argos as a nod to their incredible longevity....

And most importantly, the host city is not just picked by the league and told they are hosting the big game....They actually have to ask for it!

Before asking/predicting who is next.....consider that fact that maybe that city(team) doesn't want it

I have Heard that Regina is getting, or at least asking for 2013.

Toronto is getting the 100th Grey Cup game

i thought this was common knowledge by now.
it was in mentioned in many articles around the time toronto was announced for the 95th Grey Cup.

the 95th Grey Cup was seen as a 'warm up' for the argo owners, so they'd know how to improve for the 100th.

2009 - Calgary
2010 - Edmonton
2011 - Vancouver
2012 - Toronto
2013 - ???
2014 - Ottawa

...I think you can insert Wpg. in the 2013 spot.....PROVIDING they have their new facility.... :roll:...IF Sask. has a new(er) venue....could be they'll get the nod.....That's a long way off ,to be positive, about anything right now, regarding that year...

You pretty much said everything I wanted to say, red. :lol: Is it me, or has cflisthebest been whining more than usual? :expressionless:

After 3 straight Grey Cups in the west, the east is definitely due.
The only viable choices in the east are Montreal and Toronto.
While my heart says Toronto, it is hard to overlook the extra 13,000 capacity
that the ‘Big Owe’ offers.

I'd be pretty surprised if the 100th GC was not awarded to Toronto - which I think is fine. I've been to 4 games and I had a great time in TO.

Hamilton is due ... but as we all know they don't have an appropriate stadium, yet. But they need to have a new or improved stadium by 2015, right? Maybe they can get it done by 2013, then ... but probably not ... so they may end up having to wait 20 years between Grey Cup games.

I think a better reason to have the 100th game in Regina is because it could be the very last game ever played at Taylor Field. It would be a great way to close out the facility, hosting the 100th Edition of the Grey Cup.

This is not fair.

you make all these proclaimations about this thread and me.. and yet I can't fight back! why? because you're a damn Moderator.

I am just honestly saying that the Roughriders should have had the Game before Vancouver got it again.. I have a right to my opinion! so do you!

so don't go slamming me because you feel it's an extrension and that it's whining! be a Mod, be impartial!

It's going to Toronto and if wasn't Toronto,next would be Winnipeg,provided they have a new stadium. The CFL and the fans deserve a better venue then Mosaic field, to celebrate 100 years. Regina should wait until they have a new stadium in place, before hosting a Grey Cup. It would be an awesome event. To bad Toronto can't match the enthusiasm of Grey cups held in other cities. Maybe the 100th will rekindle some CFL spirit in Toronto.

We're posters before we're moderators. Quit trying to make it sound like you're so oppressed. You whined and you were called on it.

.....that is far and away a much better reason, although at this time it is pure speculation that Taylor Field's days are numbered...

...cflisthebest, [shake head]I shake my head [/shake head], what in the flying fedoras does this debate have to do with my being a moderator, in your world do you somehow think I'm going to use this to subvert your debate, edit your words or worse just annihilate what you post?....Good Lord you are one paranoid fellow... are right, you are entitled to your opinion, you voiced it, and I'm allowed to weigh in and tell you I think your reasons were ridiculous, as ridiculous as you playing the moderator is a bully card....sambo has a good reason, you should watch him operate for awhile...

Yeah, it is speculation , but it appears the the mayor of Regina wants to build and very soon. If Taylor Field is replaced, they should try to get a Grey Cup game to close out the stadium, no matter if its the 103rd or 105th edition of the game.

I thought the mayor was pushing for a grey cup on the riders 100th anniversary, unless that grey cup game has already been declared? Does anyone know when the riders 100th is? I'm in favor of having the grey cup 100 anywhere in the league, as I'm sure every city we have is capable of making the 100th grey cup experience one to remember. Unless 2012 is the riders 100th then I think it should go east seeing as how we have the next 3 here in the west. Imagine Sask hosting either the riders 100th anniversary grey cup or even the grey cup 100th as a send off to Taylor field.

Having the cup in the new stadium's opening year would be nice as well