so if the bombers wet the bed in bc

things get even more uninspiring, and suppose the effort is on par with last week (which seems unfathomable if it even comes close to comparable. . .) then things in blue-land become truly problematic. Rest assured.

Lets see, Head Coaches run out of Winnipeg:

Dave Ritchie
Jim Daley
Doug Berry (next)

It can't all be the Coaches fault. Who brings in the players for the Coach to use?


Maybe before the next Coaching change, a GM change would be more appropriate.

After all, these three Coaches have one thing in common that Im pretty sure Taman doesn't have..... A Grey Cup Ring! (Ritchie with many teams, Berry with Montreal and Daley with Calgary)

Dave Ritchie was a player's coach that kept veterans around longer than he should have. Crandall and the Stamps got hot at the right time and haven't equaled that intensity since--it was a fluke they beat the Bombers in the Grey Cup.

Jim Daley and Doug Berry were good assistant coaches who couldn't take it to the next level. Both lacked the imagination and leadership that it takes to coach a talented bunch like the Bombers.

I liken Berry's coaching style to that of a novice chess player. He comes out with his queen, a bishop and tries to checkmate in 4 over and over again.

When the opposition figures that out, Berry haphazardly throws out a few pawns in a vain attempt to stop the opponent's attack and create more room for his predictable queen-bishop-rook attack.

Though this strategy might result in a win against teams who have pieces missing from the board (Hamilton) and/or lack the skill to readily exploit Berry's lack of board development, skillful teams like Montreal will shred the secondary and dominating defenses like BC will commit their defense to stop a Bomber passing offence that doesn't believe in a running game.

We have one of the best O-lines in the CFL, the best RB in Blink (Lumsden's a marshmallow; see my glass RB post in the puttytat forum), the best D-line in football, a secondary that needs babysitting and special teams that are high maintenance.

It takes a head coach with skill to lead this Grey Cup contender to the promised land. Berry just doesn't have it. He rose to his level of incompetence last year in the Grey Cup and should be tarred, feathered, and rode out of town on a flatcar.

That snarly old buzzard Lyle Bauer should take the reins until a suitable coach is found; one that recognizes the talent of the Bombers and knows how to use it to maximum advantage.

....before we start firing guys out the doors....i think we should wait and see what the final out-come of tonights game is????We as 'educated' fans can tell if this team has quit... and will not perform up to their abilities. If that turns out to be the case....heads will roll :wink:

It's too the point that I just wanna see some fight in the Bombers, never mind a win.

If I see no fight out of them tonight, then you know they have tanked and there has to be a reason.

Would a team tank a season to a make a point that they feel they would be better off with Asper and his new building ?

let me buy u a beer, i like the way u think.

The Bombers played a decent first half, but B.C. had the Bomber offense pegged in the 2nd half. (No offensive halftime adjustments by Berry or ESP La Police–fire them both).
At least Glenn isn’t afraid to hand off to Blink anymore.

And please, don’t whine about that schoolyard push in the Bomber’s receiver’s back near the end of the game–a 5 year old girl would have kept running after a love tap like that.

Khari Jones for the new head coach–he’ll stabilize the offense and breath life into the team. It worked for the Argos when they hired Pinball!

If Taman and Marshall can firm up the secondary with some talent and discipline–right now they are soft and full of holes, like Swiss cheese, we’ll be alright.