So I was wrong, okay I admit it.

A few weeks ago, when my team was seventh in an eight team league in points allowed, I suggested that maybe Greg Marshall wasn't the best DC in the league. Since then, after the team gave up only 17 points in their next 3 games (and I think one of those was either a fumble or interception return for a TD) we now rank NUMBER 1 in points allowed:

This before all teams have played their sixteenth game this season, as well. The sound you hear is Mike eating crow (you know it tastes just like chicken) :lol: :lol: :lol:

At some point this season, every unit has been lackluster. But the last three weeks have shown what this team is capable of if it is clicking on all cylinders.

We all have to eat a little crow. I've been critical of the Secondary (especially Bo Smith) and in the last three games they have been tremendous. So pass the plate, Mike, I need to dine with you.

Just so everyone can see how awesome this team has played the last three games: Average margin of victory: 29.3 points/game. :o No one is playing better football right now than the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Let's hope that right now lasts another 5 weeks :smiley:

17 points in 3 games is a great stat but I prefer to say only 6 points in 2 games. :slight_smile:

On the O side our guys scored 70 points in 2 games against 2 of the best D's. Not better than our D of course though.

Winter peg will beat the crap out of the double blue today :rockin: Stamps are beatable look at BC?

:thup: Its all starting to come together

Our new found D is not even firing on all 8 cylinders yet :wink:

At least you admit it Mike unlike some others around here who wouldn't. :wink:

Agree, at some points all of the units have lacked something and so it can be frustrating from a fans perspective throughout such a season.

It comes down to who has the momentum coming into November.


A lot of us have made statements out of frustration this season because we all knew that the Ticats had the makings of a great team but their on-field play didn't always reflect that greatness. All that seemed to have changed after the wake-up call from the Eskimos a few weeks ago when the defence put up a real stinker. Our D has certainly turned it around since then.
But the people eating crow this morning are also the Kevin Glenn bashers, especially those from last year and earlier this season, and the Chris Bauman bashers who have never really given the kid a chance.
Glenn has turned into one of the top QBs in the league and arguably the best QB right now. I can remember people saying he has no upside... that he was too old, washed up.... I hope these guys are now giving their heads a shake. lol
Bauman proved last night that, if given the opportunity, he is a much better player than he is given credit for.
Overall, I think our confidence just moved up a big notch with last night's win. But, we have to continue to progress if we hope to beat Montreal next time around. Taking it to Calgary in their own stadium, will prove the Cats are for real.
Go Cats go.