So, I was shopping in Rona last week... their store in Cambridge, and I couldn't help but noticed the checkout staff were all wearing shirts with the Ticats' Tiger head logo on the front. These weren't just shirts, they would have to be one of the most awesome looking shirts I've ever seen. A sort of cross between a football jersey and hockey jersey with the Tiger head prominent on the front.

Caretaker, you need to get this design into the Roar Store, I don't want to have to become a Rona employee to get one...

Old Navy at Limeridge Mall has a line of Tiger-Cats merchandise that is exclusive to Old Navy. I bought a t-shirt like you mentioned above. Your right its one of the best t-shirt i have seen !! :thup:

Old Navy you say? Hmmmm....I'm thinking...Road Trip!

Just like the Giant Tiger line of Ticats t-shirts??? On my way tc23

Wonder if they're available at other Old Navy stores. Like the ones on Ottawa maybe? They aren't available online for sure - already checked.

My wife bought a shirt at old navy. $19.99. Same shirt at the ticat store $31.99 minus 10%.
just saying... :roll:

Speaking of Rona, I see Lowe's has put an offer in to buy the company which was rejected by Rona. Another Canadian company having problems, like Zellers. :?

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Both Giant Tiger and Old Navy carry TiCats t-shirts?
Are they both similar styles?

And is there an online pic of these shirts?

Am I asking too many questions?
and should I shut my rambling yap? :wink:

I think the jerseys at the GT Boutique look cheap. Sorry. They don't look good at all .

The ones at Old Navy are a nice soft cotton but the graphics on the shirt are nothing special.

8) The TiCat T-shirt at GT looks ok, it is dark grey with the old ticat logo on the front.
   However the other shirt they have doesn't look that great.  New logo, but a little cheap looking as you mentioned,


   I'll have to check out the Old Navy one.

I was talking about the short sleeve jersey that I think the originally poster was talking about. It looks very cheap. I'm not too sure of the tshirt but at the end of the day, the GT Boutique isn't really known for high quality merch.

That's got to be the first time i ever heard of Giant Tiger being called a Boutique

My wife bought me one from Giant Tiger I think it was. It has a huge logo on the front and the sleeves are sort of wrinkled up like an o-lineman and it's tapered and made of neat material. Not sure if that's the one people are talking about, can't find a pic, but I think it's very nice. Like I say, the logo on the front is huge. It was $26 I think and for the price, not bad. Has a CFL logo on the front recessed around the collar. Wore it the other day at Confederation Park, got some looks from people and some grins. :wink:

I was wondering if someone could post a pic of the shirt from Old Navy. I might get one if it looks good but hate the mall. I would hate to go there and then decide I don't want it.

They have a few different designs.

Can any of the shirts being talked about be found here

or, more specifically, here

Am heading out to Giant Tiger and possibly Old Navy this evening PiCat so will let you know what type of shirts/jerseys are available.

Went to Giant Tiger and Old Navy last night to check on the TiCats stock.
The Giant Tiger (on Upper Ottawa) seemed to have a far superior merchandise selection to Old Navy (Limeridge Mall)

Old Navy only carried regular short sleeved cotton t-shirts (with iron on graphics) while GT carried a diverse selection of embroidered long sleeved jerseys, sweaters, hats/caps, t-shirts, tops, scarves etc etc

Bought the embroidered long sleeved jersey with a large TiCats head logo on the front (as in my signature pic) and embroidered ball cap while the girlfriend purchased a stylish black top with a small logo on the front and stripes on the sleeves.

These licensed items do not appear to be available at TigerTown stores or online shop.
Could be exclusive items produced for individual dept. stores. Not certain.

Great finds though. :thup: