SO! I was at the jays game on saterday and

Off in the distance i hear OSKIE WEE WEE!!!! So ofcourse I scream back OSKIE WAA WAA..then Sombody not to far from me Scrams HOLIE MACKINA!!!. It was Great, Of course I was wearing My Ticats hat hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:. Good to see the cats fans let toronto know the argo's suck!

Hey, that might have been me and my three year old nephew. We were in Section 129, third base side field level.

It's been awhile since I've been to a Jays game. Partly band wagon jumping, but more specifically I only have so many disposable sports entertainment dollars and the TiCats get most of them these days. Hopefully, if a NHL team does come to the Hammer it won't divert a significant amount of dollars away from the established football team.

So here are some observations:

Parking: Ten bucks and close to the ball park. I was shocked.

Concessions: Ten bucks for a big beer. Shocked again. In the sixth inning I went up for a hot dog. It took a long time to get served with no demand. Hopefully our concession staff get some slack this year when dealing with the big rush at half time.

Jumbo Screen: Didn't replay close calls

PA Announcer: Don't remember much about him...admirable quality

PA Volume: Don't remember much about that either...another thing our guy could aspire to

Overall: Good value and well entertained

Cool story. I love a good baseball game now and then but since I moved to Vancouver a few years back I am stuck with minor league ball. The team is called the Vancouver Canadians and they are an affiliate of the Oakland A's. The Jays are my team all the way but I can only catch them on TV. :frowning:

The common misconception about Toronto is that parking is expensive. At Ontario Place or the Docks, yes it's expensive because you don't have a choice but I have found a sweet parking lot that is 1 block away from the ACC and about a 10 minute walk to the Rogers Centre. There is no traffic getting out and the prices are as follows:

Leafs: 15
Raptors: 12
Concerts: 12
Rock: 10
Argos: 10

Really good deal, right at the bottom of Yonge street! It's about a 10 minute walk to the Eaton's Centre and you are right next to the highway. You never have to fight any traffic.

If you think the Argos suck then you have no business in the Rogers Center, unless the cats are playing in the Argos.

Please go away.

I don't think the blue team sucks.

I call it SkyDome. If you want to call it the other name then at least get the spelling correct.

The Argos suck because they are a Toronto team and basically are run by MLSE despite having owners who aren’t on the payroll of MLSE. Of course, MLSE controls everything in Toronto, all sports and city hall as well. :wink:

His name says it all! BIRD! If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all and quit spaming!...I think im going to go to a few more game's it was fairly fun. Taking the train is thebest idea! 15bucks gets you a day pass! and brings you within a 10minute walk of the RC.whitch I still call Skydome. The venue is a little over priced, but at least the food is good quality, Im looking forward to cheering on my Cats in the skydome this summer!

Oh, and I dont think the Argo's suck!! the argo's DO suck!:slight_smile: Its a proven fact! It was even on myth busters!:stuck_out_tongue:

Taking the GO train to Union Station is an excellent way to get down there - rather than driving. Parking is getting harder in that area with lots being converted into condo buildings.

The game and "game experience" was fun and decent value. I agree that the food is high priced yet good quality (unlike the days when McDonalds was in there). A trip back this season is definitely in the plans.

However, it won't be for a football game. Skydome is ok for baseball but watching football in there is just...blah. Plus, I've heard too many stories of TiCat fans getting harassed on the way out and just don't have time for that kind of behaviour.

Thats part of the fun beaing bugged, you dont think Argo fans get a hard time when going to IWS?

Unless of course you get your ear bitten off…

I like seeing the blue team fans at IWS. It's even better when their band is in the stands. Kidding around is one thing but let's face it, some people are nastier than others and they are the ones that spoil things.