So, I read somewhere that the Toronto and BC teams

are owned by the same guy. Isn't that a conflict of interest? How did that come to pass, and is the league going to address it?

Luckily, as of Jan 1, this is no longer true. The Argos were sold to new ownership. :thup:

there have been times, at least once, where the league itself had to end up owning a team for a while.

Doesn't the NHL own a team in Phoenix? Talk about 'conflict of interest'.

Just FYI.

David B, at one time also owned the Ti-Cats. Pre-Agos and Lions.

The guy gets ripped a lot. However, he did put millions into teams when no one else would step up.

He is not the most popular guy talked about on this site, but I respect him .

He is perhaps the wealthiest owner the league has ever known, and he does love the league. His business acumen in the auto parts industry aside, his ability to run a franchise well in this day and age (and by that I mean 1990s to present) is definitely in question. Thus, I'm glad he no longer owns the Argos and I hope he sells the Lions to the Canucks owners . . . and that he makes a tidy profit from it.

Talk about bad timing. :lol:

The Argonauts sale closed January 1, 2016.

Bud Selig was previously the team owner and team president of the Milwaukee Brewers. Now that wouldn't be a conflict of interest eh if he became commish of baseball which he did become of course? :wink:

Lamar Hunt owned the Columbus Crew and FC Dallas when he died.

For every "Mickey Mouse" "minor league" criticism the CFL gets, other "major leagues" have their own issues as well. ie The NFL not having a team in the second biggest market in the US.

From what I understand the NFL is surviving just fine without LA.

And vice versa, LA is surviving just fine without an NFL team. And Toronto as well. And every other city on the planet that doesn't have a CFL team, NFL team, or MLB team or NHL team or NBA team or MLS team etc. :wink:

San Diego, St Louis and Oakland have all applied to the NFL to re-locate to the new stadium planned for LA. They all want a big piece of that rich pie.

The league owes this guy, but IMO Caretaker bob is a lot more wealthier then him.

I'd like to know the wealth difference between Caretaker Bob and Larry Tanenbaum. I have a feeling these two are going to clash a bit with differences, just thinking when LT mentioned the NFL in Toronto perhaps at some point when he and Bell became the owners of the Argos. But this clash could very well be a good thing to increase the Cats-Argos rivalry and get it going more especially in Toronto.

Well according to the below, Tanenbaum is worth over 1.3 billion

[url=] ... ians-2015/[/url]
64 64 Lawrence Tanenbaum $1,344,081,237 14%
Perhaps I'm blind but I don't see Braley or Young on the list. Still, with Tanenbaum being a part owner, never mind Bell's worth, safe to say the Argos now have the wealthiest owners in the league.

The Greenberg FAMILY is up there too. I don't know how much of that pie is OSEG's Roger Greenberg, but start adding the other members of the ownership group and you have some significant coin to toss around.

Not even close, I have this all documented at another forum, might be, I can't remember right now but can find it if I have to. Bob's about a 1/3 billionaire, Braley is a billionaire. This is the guy who gave $50 million to a hospital and has had several athletic facilities built in his name. He's an auto parts magnate and one of the biggest property developers in Ontario. I've read the other CFL owners are in awe of his dough. He has contributed at one time or another to every team in the CFL except the Eskimos.

I had to laugh when Bon Jovi and "Rogers" were looking at buying the Bills. I said at the time Braley's money makes Bon Jovi look like Skid Row and he should have been buying the Bills. Braley has his finger in a lot of pies, he probably was one of the few individuals whose varied resources could have built his own stadium. I just think he was leery about the Argos future in the market and how he would deal with it.

People get fooled by the crewcut, bumpkin image he portrays but he is/was a businessman who could wait out and get what he wants and he does. One way or another (Grey Cup profits?) I'd say he got any money he ever lost back on the Argos.

I don't think all privately owned companies/individuals have to be public with those type things. (re Braley, Young)

Contrary to popular belief the CFL isn't the mom and pop league of lore. There's some serious coin there now. Aside from the community owned teams I'm trying to think who doesn't have money. The Calgary Flames group have a large stake in the Stamps, Wetenhall is loaded and everyone else has been mentioned.

Wetenhall was a former part owner of the Patriots but then again so was my cousin so maybe it wasn't as big a thing 30 or 40 years ago as it is obviously now.

No, they don't


Yes there is some serious coin with these owners but their generosity only goes so far. Braley has lost money for years and he was losing patience, he was lucky to unload the Argos, I don't know how much patience the new owners will have but they certainly won't put up with crowds of 14k every game.
Hamilton was very lucky that they were able to land Bob Young and he was willing to lose money year after year, the new stadium was a blessing and came at the right time.
OSEG's deal was all about the condos, the restaurants, stores, theatres, the businesses at the stadium site and the soccer team. OSEG would never have been involved if it was just a CFL team playing 9 games a year there.