So I just realized that I am moving the weekend of Grey Cup

thank god its on CBC in case my cable cant be hooked up before Sunday. LOL.

good stuf, JAZ 1, but I wish TSN as well as CBC and RDN would cover the GC.

they have better detail in their program.

I wish CBC wouldn't cover it and would give it to TSN instead.....then I could listen to Chris Cuthbert instead of Walby.....

Walby will be part of the Bombers club soon, so you will not have to worry abou listening to Walby and his George W. Bush grammer for much longer.

Where do you get this from KAnga. I have heard absolutely no reports about Walby working for the bombers. Just because you want it to be so, does not mean you should start rumours tothat effect.

And JAZ, just go to the Bar. Not sure where you are at, but if in Saskatoon I recomend Joe Dogs. 27 foot HD projection screen. best place to watch football other then the actual stadium.

…Billy, Kanga’s perception of the world is altered slightly from our own…I thought you had that figured out by now…who really knows where he gets this stuff from…

Kanga just likes to think outside the box........

.....that's a good way to put it.....

Ya just step over billy he is the one on the floor!

hey, if you start a rumor like this, sooner or later it becomes ture.

I'd really love to see Walby play some play of the Bombers club again, and I'm sure he thinks so too deep down.

"Think outside the box", yep, that's me!

"I swear I'll chage (or revolutionizes) the world", that's my motto.