So I guess Porter is our starter next week?


Just thought it had to be stated. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

What a game, Porter was fantastic. That play where he threw the incompletion to Rodriguez rather then running when he had 14 yards of room nearly made me pull my hair out. Thank god for Otis Floyd :thup:

gotta love how you'll take a negative from a positive game!!.. WTG FAN!!

Porter reminds me of a young Mike Kerrigan :thup:

That was one mistake that Porter made, but he did not make many others. He went 19/24 for 222 yards, a TD pass, and no picks. And that's not including the 55 rushing yards he gained on 6 carries. And it may have helped that the passing game was opened up though, but that is a topic for another thread.

The panel on TSN might have said he was inexperienced, relying to much on running with it, locking onto receivers, etc. But he got the job done. The QB debates seem to be over. For now.

It was the throw going off his back foot to Currie -- UNREAL that he got that much zip on the ball with puss rush in his face. Kerriganesque!

Name Att/Comp/ Yards/TD/Int/Win
PORTER, Q 24 19 222 1 0 1

The last number is the sweetest. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

  • Or pass rush. LMAO

Sorry, it's that late night celebratory posting that can do tricks sometimes. LOL

Got a lot of flashbacks tonight. A little Mike Kerrigan, some Jimmy Edwards. It's only one game, but what a game!

Interesting weeks ahead!

Oski Wee Wee,

Man, if Porter improves on his checkdowns, he's going to be a nightmare for defenses to face league-wide.

I fixed your typo.

I get the rhetorical aspect here Russ but In answer to the thread does not need to be asked. And probably never has needed to be asked since last fall.
Despite what Marcel has said when trying to vaguely answer this question, I believe the reality is that Porter has always been seen as the starter unless his play became abysmal. The opposite has happened. He looks better all the time. :thup:

I suggested during last week that if they start Cobb, it will only help open up things for QB Porter and take the pressure off him.........somebody said I was crazy and Cobb would only hurt QB Porter due to his inexperience or something like that.....

ummm, yup, okie dokie....what do I know eh?..... :lol:

Cobb is a great addition to Porter's tool bag.........he reminds me of Henry "Gizmo" Williams in the way he runs once he has the football.

And he will. He's still very raw and that's the great upside. He has nowhere near reached his potential but it's almost certain that he will steadily improve. That's why I support starting him now, rather than letting him study Glenn for a couple seasons. He's going to learn so much more by being in the fire.

Well, I dunno. There are two schools of thought on how well young QBs fare when they're thrown in the fire. While I can see the sense in going to Porter right now, I also don't think it's a bad thing to occasionally platoon him with Glenn during periods when he's struggling. Pierce played behind Dickinson; Calvillo behind Ham; LeFors behind Ray. Granted, Kevin Glenn isn't in the same class as the aforementioned QBs, but Porter can still learn a lot watching from the sidelines.

I really didn't think Porter would come through with a game like that against BC considering what happened last year against BC. Porter seems to be improving with each game. But, not to take anything away from Porter and the Cats, I don't think BC is quite the team they were last year and in previous years. As I said in another thread, i think Porter looked good not necessarily great quite yet. But that's ok because he is not trying to lift the team on only his shoulders and, unlike previous years, he doesn't have to shoulder the weight. Let's enjoy this win but remember what happened after that Montreal game where Porter was outstanding. Winnipeg is our next game and we have to go out and win those games against our eastern rivals. If Porter stumbles, I'm sure Glenn would like to step in and prove something to his old team.

Here is a link to a story on Ticat quarterback Quinton Porter in today's Toronto Sun:

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Porter's poise is amazing.

Great game by him, but let's not over look the pass protection he got form the big boys. That was something we're not used to these last couple of years.