So I don't see Simpson ...

on the roster list for Sunday. Let's hope I'm reading it incorrectly.

Leaderpost reported he has been taken off the roster for Sunday. Simpson will not play.

McCullough is an effective leader. He seems to lead the D very well. I have 100% faith in him. Rest Simpson, hope he is healthy should the Riders play the Stamps!

Thanks Shamari, another team mate down. Take out the opposition not your own teammates.


this stuff happens, it's not like Shomari could have avoided it.


This has got to be the most idiotic contribution that has ever been made to this forum--constructive criticism is welcome...this is most certainly not!! (and if you're going to crap all over him, at least do the courteous thing and spell his name correctly...) :thdn:

this is a huge blow to take your best tackler and run stopper out, when you already had a mediocre run defense, i dont like your guys chances now

Are you serious?