So, I am confused?

When did this OFF topic sub forum start being used ???

and why is it a sub forum of CFL Talk??


Can't deny the threads are off topic regarding football. I think it's a good thing


I do too. Just wondered when and why it is not a forum of its own

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I see most topics here should be in other sports and entertainment.

Otherwise, why have both forums??

I suspect it is because people were not leaving CFL TALK to have such discussions and merely hijacking football threads

It was actually created in error and subsequently never fixed. IIRC, the mods had been lobbying for a less restricive Off-Topic section separate from the Other Leagues and Entertainment area, and this is what we ended up with.


it was set up incorrectly and the off topic area should be a lounge forum.

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But if it diverts hijackings maybe it is a success.

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It doesn't, though.

With free drinks too but make sure to tip your server well people!


Well once again on the forum, out of our common confusion has arisen again either common understanding or acceptance or perhaps at the very least, pleasant oblivion and stupor that are beyond recovery.

I feel better again already how about you!?


As a career bartender, I thank you for that sentiment.

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wondering why also ......

I am good with the discussion of Tv etc ..... bond whatever

but yes this does not make any sense to have it on the CFL main forum

.....the mods changed this to entertainment and other sports awhile back to not conflict with the main forum thread which should be the CFL first and foremost .

The CFL main forum is now littered with off topic and looks messy and is kind of uninviting to anyone new to the CFL forum to actually want to talk about the CFL on the main CFL forum location .

The James Bond stuff is fine I like it ...

but it should not be on the CFL forum area it should be moved to where all entertainment talk is suppose to be

it's like someone went to a clothing store and the first thing they see is candy , fruit and vegetables it looks odd now .

Yukoner started an actual CFL thread on the CFL topic but it was moved to the CFL league media page forum

not sure why as there was no thread for the

new owner on the main CFL forum ....

not everyone wants to post on the CFL media page which was brought into the CFL forum to generate talk on the CFL page yet there is still no door to get you to the actual CFL site which many have asked for years .,,,, it's kinda wonky .

so, admin or mods

I know it takes some work, but why not move all the entertainment and other sports topics to where they belong, and why not encourage people to put only non sport and entertainment into off-topics, and why not remove it from being a sub forum of cfl talk. Just for consistancy and common sense to prevail. Just asking

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for the last time. mods cannot change forum configuration or settings. we can only moderate posted content and manage some user activities. only an admin can change forum settings. there is only one admin and they don’t frequent the forum. if i was admin all this stuff would be done already - the wasted ad space, the off topic lounge, the more logically organized forums, the increased likes, etc. mods have limited powers.

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note that I first mentioned admin. mods can move posts and topics admin can do the rest

I believe you would do it all if you could and quickly.

You might be misreading FYB's post .. you might be taking it personally but don't it's no reflection on you or any mods today or yesterday .

FYB was asking to do what mods already do .

mods move threads around and lock them up .... all the time and tell posters what to do ....

it should be an easier time being a CFL lull in forum activity to push this all back where it was suppose to be in entertainment and other sports ....

and then tell the users to not use the off topic .... until an admin can fix the issue which we all thought was already done when they created entertainment and other sports as a sub forum .

I always tip a good bartender... Which happens to be 99 .9 percent of the time


Once again you are correct. We want our drinks made properly and with care, as most do, but generally friendly though some edge is okay so long as it's not b-face or a-hole airs and tangents, and give us some good music even though sometimes we don't give a damn about no trumpet-playing band but they are great too. Hit it, guys:
:beers: :clinking_glasses: :tumbler_glass: :wine_glass: :cocktail: :tropical_drink:

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sorry i’m just tired of people wanting the forums setup differently and thinking we can do it while we have been wanting more admin involvement here since i joined the forum. the latter is the most frustrating and i have zero patience left.

yea i know we can move threads. but the forum hierarchy configuration is set up incorrectly to begin with.

i have wasted way too much of my own time and energy with the absent admin issue.