So,,,How're we going to do First game/2010

...Seeing as most of the media has written us off....does that give us a little more incentive to pull out a win.... :roll: Considering the new faces in the line-up, that fact is probably the foundation for their reasoning (media)...I hope in some ways that the Bomber players read that stuff....It really lights a fire under some ...HOWEVER...all in all, it's what transpires on the field that counts....One way we can tip the scale in our favour is to rattle Glenn...I remember how he used to throw the game away when people got in his face....Get to him early and often and it's a start...I know our d can get it done with the the talent they have....and once the offence gets rolling, we definitely have a good shot....Could be the surprise game of the week :wink: for the media for sure :wink:

Just looked at the weather for tomorrow, who ever wins the toss has the game wrapped up :lol:

man i dont know what the weather will be like, but it feels like the calm before the storm on these boards.. cant wait for the game

Wishing I could be there tonight, but TSN HD ain't that shabby, either! I expect a close one, and whoever has luck on their side is gonna win. Hopefully that will be us.
Wore the Joe Smith jersey to work to help get the office into the spirit. Mostly I just got laughs, and "Is that a Mike Sellers jersey?" comments!


Round One: Bombers 1; Ti-Cats 0

Looking at the stats, it looks like Pierce had a good game. Though no one ever said he wasn't good... just injury prone. :lol:

I still can't believe the score... I figured the game could go either way, but I didn't think the Bombers would take it by 20. Congrats! :thup: must have been reading too many Cats fans takes, chief....This Bomber team is solid....and taking them for granted will result in some more of the same witnessed today.... We have lots of work to do... we still need a returner and our special teams Doggett back in the fold.... then LOOK OUT... :wink: the way....Buck ran in a td.....looked healthy and took some good hits......Looks like a nice signing.. :rockin:

And just wait until the offense has a few games under its belt and gels. :smiley:

.....and we get some continuity :lol: :rockin:

:lol: :lol: got to it before i could, so much for continuity... :lol: :lol:

Great game! I am sure there will be some work done on special teams. Also, Bestard will need work. Some day we will need those 9 extra points. However, for now let's look at the good things that happened. Congrats Team. There should not be too much interference on our site this week.