So, how much would YOU play A.C.?

Do you agree with Matt Dunigan that Calvillo needs to sit for some portion of the last two regular-season games so that Brady and/or Macpherson can get some quality playing time, or do you think A.C. should go the whole way through?

For myself, I agree with Dunigan. We are one hit, one head shot, one knee shot, away from total disaster. The O-line has been fantastic this year, and Calvillo, as the consummate timing quarterback, usually gets the ball out so quickly that he doesn't have time to be hit, but I have two words that will send chills down the spine of any Als fan: Ted White. You can't foresee every situation. All it takes is one broken play or missed block to end our Grey Cup hopes. Brady has not thrown a single pass this season. Macpherson has been used exclusively in short-yardage situations. At least one of the two needs some quality playing time.

If I were Trestman, I'd sit Calvillo during the fourth quarters of each of the final two games, regardless of the score. Give Brady two full quarters of football to acquire some degree of comfort in this timing offense and let his receivers get an idea of how he operates as compared to Calvillo.

I understand that Calvillo is chasing history, and no one wants to see him break Flutie's TD record more than I do, but at the end of the day, the Grey Cup is the most important prize. Imagine how sweet it would be for Calvillo if we were able to win the Cup and he could end his illustrious career with a championship. That, to me, would be a far happier ending than individual stats.

What do you think?

Totally agree. I thought Brady generally looked very good in relief of AC last season, but that was a full year ago.....he must have lots of rust on him, so getting him some quality playing time is a darn good idea......we should have been doing it earlier in my opinion. But yes, for the last two games, get him in there....I'd even be willing to go a full half in each game with Brady.

And, discipline, for having the temerity to mention that other backup QB we used to have, go wash your mouth out with soap!!!!!!

I am torn on this one....Yes we need to protect AC and keep him healthy, but I would also like to see him break Flutie's record and get another 6000 yard season.

Brady does need the game time but in a way so does AC to keep sharp.

Do you really think this will be his last season? I dont, he has shown he has a few good years left in him

Ro, I want to see A.C. break the records too. But I want something even more badly: a Grey Cup for our Als. If Calvillo goes down, we'll have to play Marcus Brady, who has not thrown a pass yet this season and who hasn't played a down of meaningful football since last season, in a different offense with different coaches.

As for whether this will be Calvillo's last season, I honestly believe that if we win the Cup, he'll retire. What more would he have to prove? If, however, we don't win the Cup, then I could see him coming back for one, maybe two more seasons. But as strange as it is to say, I'd rather have scenario A, where we win the Cup and this electrifying season becomes the fitting swan song for Calvillo's storied career as an Alouette. Everybody wins. :slight_smile:

The record belongs to Kent Austin and its over 6600 yards....

I dont think he needs the cup to prove anything....He already won one. I hope he plays for as long as he can produce a winning team. Winning the cup this year would prove that he has a few more left in him

I forgot the , I was refering to the TD record

Give Brady the ball! i will take the Grey Cup without the records. I was at the game in 2004 when he went down and i don't want to see it again!

I don't think his priorities are in that order. Basically, you're saying that winning the Grey Cup is only important to Calvillo insofar as it shows the rest of the league that he can still play football? I don't think so. Yes, he already has a Cup ring, but this is his chance to finish his career on a high note instead of wearing out his welcome and fading away like so many of his contemporaries (Damon Allen, Danny McManus, Khari Jones, Dave Dickenson). Championships are worth more than stats in the end.

I agree, it just that I dont feel he needs to prove himself.....
I also agree that if he has decided that this is his last season, it is far better to go out with another ring. I just hope it isn't his last year

I think you keep with business as usual. The only thing that concerns me is that the Als two remaining games against Winnipeg and Edmonton, the two most likely team to play in the East semi-finals. As we’ve seen earlier this year with Barrachnea trying to take Glenn’s head off, the Als will have to pay special attention to QB protection as both those teams have a history of dirty hits on QB, Edmonton especialy with Gass as LB coach and Barrachnea in the middle. Like Trestman says its an 18 game journey and its advantageous to go in the post season with dominant wins over those two teams if possible.

Believe me, I don't want it to be his last year! :slight_smile: I think we are witnessing something pretty special in Montreal, something we won't fully appreciate until it's gone. For the past decade, we've had consistency and top quality at the most important position, quarterback. Looking at the remaining seven teams, not one has kept the same starting quarterback since that time.

I also agree with Hfx that we need to be careful with Calvillo in the Edmonton game. The cheap-shot masters of the league (excluding the BC O-line! :wink:).

I think 3 quarters will be sufficient to keep Cavillo sharp. Those backups need some reps as you never know when injuries occur. Grey Cups are far more important than individual records.

Absolutely, just look what happened last year.

Kevin Glenn breaks his arm in the eastern final, and they had to go with an untested backup at QB in the Grey Cup, who went out and threw 3 interceptions (should have been 4 but Johnson dropped one), thus costing them the Cup.

Brady needs quality playing time, not just mop-up duty.......................

Ok and if let's say we play Brady in Edmonton to give him some reps and he gets injured and can't play in the post season and Calvillo gets hurt in one of the Grey Cup game. What do we do?

All I mean by this is you can't play with thinking what do we do if X or Y gets injured that has risks as well.

I am 100% sure Trestman will play his starters till the last whistle. I've "studied" his philosophy this season and he aproaches every game with the utmost respect of opponents.

I would play Calvillo in the 2nd half of each upcoming games.

I would do that because like most of you, 2 reasons:
A) Risk of Injury and
B) Shake off some rust on Brady.

I also think Winnipeg is gonna want to try and set the bar. They know if they were to go to the Grey Cup, they're gonna have to get through Montreal, and how do you get through a tough team? You get in they're best player's head, and that would be Calvillo. They're gonna want to hit him, so he remembers who the Bombers are, if that makes any sense to anyone else other than me :roll:

Where's the logic in citing a much-less likely injury scenario to negate an argument for guarding against a fairly realistic injury scenario? Obviously, you can't prepare for every eventuality, nor should you, but that doesn't mean you can't take basic precautions, and playing your backup, who hasn't seen action all season long, to take away some of the rust in case your starter gets injured, is just a basic precaution.

And also: if your scenario comes to pass, we are no worse off for having given Brady playing time, since both Brady and Calvillo would be inactive.

I am 100% sure Trestman will play his starters till the last whistle. I've "studied" his philosophy this season and he aproaches every game with the utmost respect of opponents.
This has nothing to do with respect and everything to do with 'respecting' ourselves enough to do everything in our power to win a Grey Cup. We're not 'letting up' on Winnipeg or Edmonton by resting Calvillo for parts of those games; we're acknowledging the reality that these final regular-season games are meaningless to us, [i]unless[/i] a key starter gets hurt -- and guarding against that possibility.

If it was me I'd rest Calvillo against Edmonton but I would be very surprised if Trestman did.