So how much do the TiCats lose by tonight?

I say by 21 but just a guess... Maybe I'm being too generous with just 12 yards total offence after the 1st quarter. Yikes!

OMG, I might be wrong! :slight_smile:

Nope. How soon can Manziel come? 8)

Should be by 21 no problem...

Rod, 'suddenly' or 'surprisingly' the TiCats are back in this thing? :wink: Oh boy, that was bad on that 2 pt try, real bad.

Looks like 27 points when all is said and done.

Paperbag phase, sums it up well Sportscentre guys.

Cats suck BALLZ

Just a few notes here :

Very disappointing.

Watching the 2017 Cats is like watching a caterpillar crawl on grass. Boring and pointless.

The way they are playing, I do not think they could beat the 91 Raleigh Skyhawks.

Collaros looks like a rookie playing in a pre-season game.

Lousy D, worst O-line in the CFL and laughable on special teams.

I am predicting 2 - 16 .

Victories over Ott and Tor at home.

My much respect and admiration to the fans that sat til the end.

Tonights game and the pathetic East division, again for the second year running, I am afraid is the reason for a one division league.

Most funny and true statement came from Duane Forde.
" The Cats are not panicking at 0 - 6 because they are in the East Division "

They won't fire Austin but how about Tillman? He is responsible for the talent or lack thereof on the field.

Agree the league needs to go to one division starting next year. It's a must do IMHO. It makes no sense to have 2 divisions especially when you look at what's happening this year. It should be a no brainer for the new commish. Nobody really cares about the east-west thingy any longer.

A one-division league and the entire east division goes bankrupt. No point in fielding teams at all.
Here we are, not even 2 months into the season, and all the eastern teams would be essentially eliminated from post-season contention. It's like this every year. Fans of eastern teams would tune right out. Fold 4 teams. great thinking.

I don't think that happens dg, I think it makes the league more competitive especially in a smaller league like the CFL with 8-9 teams. You shouldn't be able to just make the playoffs because you play in a weak division.

I stated in another thread, I would only be ok if it were 16 games.

They will not do that , but I agree that 4 fan bases would drop off if eliminated by Labour Day.

I would never want to rid divisions, but what I would go for is both first place division winners seeded 1 - 2 .

3 - 4 - 5 - 6 then seeded.

That way, the race in the East still is important.

Or how about more conventional thinking and let the entire season play out. Same line of thinking last year and look who came up on top at the end of the day.

With TV having an influence in the schedule, especially in the post season a single table will never happen here. Don't think anyone wants 10am local start times.

MLB added a second wildcard spot to keep fan interest long after they would have otherwise moved on.

Suggesting the CFL move to a one-division league would be the exact opposite approach.

Every fan of an eastern team would have checked out by now. Selling remaining tickets would be impossible. Multiple years of this would mean certain bankruptcy for all 4 eastern teams.

You need to sell hope that a sudden run can turn your teams fortunes. A two-division league does that.

( editing my previous post doesn't work since someone broke what wasn't in need of fixing on these forums)

...currently, every team is still in the race. Can't say that if it were one division.

How would a one division format ensure folding of ALL of the 4 eastern teams?

Even in a single table and if ALL of the eastern team were in the bottom, there would still be one making the playoffs. Plus in most cases, the 7th or in some years the 8th seed will still be in contention until the end. Once you're in you're in...any given Sunday from there. The number of fans who would tune out after Labour Day would be no different than it is now.

Worst case scenario, all of the eastern teams fold and have them start up a new league where there would be a champion emerging every year....maybe they can even challenge for the Grey Cup :wink:

Agreed with you drummer, East Div./West Division is best and traditional too!

I agree that it keeping it basically as is does sell more tickets in cities where they would be out of it by now. I can buy that.